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STIENER -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/14/2019 7:54:35 PM)

im a fan a hardcore CC player...I have them all. your right I don't have TBF yet but I will after you guys play test the game for them. im done with that ****.
im watching and reading what other players are seeing in this new game and im seeing...the ones that post at least....that morale is an issue. gun accuracy is an issue. spotting is an issue. vehicles in buildings is an issue. poor AI is an issue.IE...wont attack...if it does it does it piece meal and poorly....bad AI set up...etc.

you may not see these as issues and have found work arounds?? I don't know...but to me and others these appear to be issues for a fun player game.

ill buy it when theres most of this stuff fixed.

zakblood -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/14/2019 8:20:30 PM)

i'm not saying i'm right and everyone else is wrong, i alter the game from the menus to make it as easy as i can, and as hard for the AI as i can, this is how i play 99% of all my games, and unless someone dislikes that approach, i'm sticking with it, as until i start to play better and survive longer and enjoy it more, i tend not to alter it until i feel the need for the AI to have some more help, so far that's not been needed and i still get a good game out of the way i play, yes i've altered the view, and yes i agree with a lot of what's posted, but for different reasons, if someone plays on the default and makes something happen and can duplicate it, then the developer can see it, and make it happen, then fix it, so is one less error or bug for everyone else.

morale is set in the game at the start, and can be also altered in the battle part, so not to come into play, or made to beef it up somewhat, for me somewhere in the middle is fine, as i don't like to have to kill the last person who sits waiting for death, when i feel he should have ran a long while ago.

gun accuracy is something that's dependant on skill level, if you make them elite, they tend to be somewhat better than pure green, and position also helps, then again all this and still the US can be useless with the peashooters on offer early on, so maybe needs a tweak, but not on all maps either.

spotting, well again depends on which you play on, see all, and yes you see everything, but that's not to say you can hit it, you just spot it,...

vehicles, well pathing atm isn't as good as it could be, then again i'd guess that's the hardest part, iv'e seen some clearly open shots i'd like them to take, then make some through the windows one which looked a bit well dodgy, but again when i'm playing as elite i may have just got lucky, as i can't say i've seen anything to prove it otherwise.

for me it's a fun game, but no it's not a perfect game, then again which is? i'm still looking.

i like the game to one day have all the older battles and maps in the game, if addon's on DLC's matters not to me, the view more than makes up for playability to me, and anything which is pointed out as broken, will get fixed in the newer engine, and i'm looking forward to more of the same.

far too old to be a fanboy[sm=Tank-fahr09.gif]

and not good enough a player to be hardcore either, just a war gamer[&o]

justflank -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/14/2019 8:33:23 PM)

The more tactically minded you are the easier the game is, understanding your surroundings etc I personally love to be challenged and try play it on the hardest settings I can.


fancylogic -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 5:45:41 AM)

New to the CC series, was looking for something to mess around with platoon to company size tactical combat. Definitely have many of the OP's complaints about the game, but honestly the hardest thing to manage is attack. So far I can say I enjoy attacking in the game far more than defending but I would love for something like attack move, or a rush command when infantry is within a certain "assaultable" range.

For instance, enemy is on superior terrain, trying to overcome through a shooting match is not working, Indirect is not working. I'm taking losses despite being in hard cover due to terrain deficit. Decide that the only option to complete the objective is to assault the enemy fireteam with the three fireteams at my disposal. FT's drop smoke close range, while mortars smoke enemy position. My troops are less than 20m from the enemy, I set two of them to fast move (which can break their ability to fire) to cover the ground quickly to get into grenade/hand to hand range, while the MG team lays down suppression. Unfortunately, they can't fire on the move or perform assault functions and are cut to shreds even though the attack was well supported and planned out according to small unit assault. I expect casualties, but I don't expect casualties because of game incompetence. I would love for an action to tell your troops to assault (especially if you have assault troops split off) - this is something men at war does much better IMO.

I was successful in a different assault where I utilized a full platoon in a large defilade, with a second platoon on a ridge line on a 45* provided overwatch. Hit the rear of their line with off-map artillery, dropped smoke on the crest of the ridge, and told my guys to fast move over the hill and down to murder a full Italian platoon.

Second thing is howitzers being direct fire only? What's the point of it being a howitzer then? Making them direct fire makes them, in my opinion, practically useless for infantry support.

Third, is there a way to rotate off map assets? some of the fire angles are absolutely awful.

In the end, I've been playing this game quite a bit for the past two weeks, both online and off. Enjoying it either way!

BobKlugman -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 1:39:42 PM)

I am not happy at all with this game and I feel duped. I feel that it was pushed out way to soon. I get Seemingly random CTD's whenever I play it. I have been a fan of the CC series since the very first game. I have already posted in the support forum. FIX this mess.

zakblood -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 1:52:25 PM)


FIX this mess

if you look at the tech support page and compare to the amount of bought customers, the overall list is small, that's not to say it's not at fault, but most error's so far are on the users pc's, with a small part being game bug related, so quoting you it's a mess, is somewhat a odd statement, you're one of a very small few who have had CTD with the game, so far most have been driver related or something else running in the background that the game didn't like, the advice as always is simple,

install the game as admin, and then run the game as admin, and have the least amount of background apps and programs running in the background, the cleaner the better, with a default windows 10 install, i have these, most have far too many, and any not only impacts the time to start up windows 10, but on how stable it is as a gaming platform


if it's a bug and can be made to be repeatable on more than a few pc's, then it's fixable and patched, sorted.

if it's a random one that only happens on a given pc or a smaller amount, and only then every now and then, it's harder to be replicated so somewhat harder to fix.

a bug or error normally gives a error or code so at least the developers knows what part caused it and what part gave the error, without this, it's harder, a save with a given way of reproducing the error is the best and quickest way to fix and normallys gets a hotfix or added to another set of patches etc.

if the error is 3rd party related or background app conflict, windows or drivers, it's not game related and can't be fixed by a game update, that's outside what game makers do and can't be fixed

zakblood -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 2:01:01 PM)

as it's a test pc i use, which also has office on it and 100's of others which can and do load apps at start up etc, but not run every time windows boots, i have deleted the start up for almost all,...

so now office takes 6 seconds to load, instead of if the app was preloaded on boot less than 4

so you can clearly see most apps and programs aren't needed each and every boot, but as most install all sorts of junk every day and careless how long and slow it is to boot up, most careless, it's not until someone explains for tech support that any one of the apps pre loaded, could and sometimes does use the same memory address as a game, and as both can't use the same part at the same time, you either get a hang or a crash, plain and simple.

and as each app and program also uses resources, the more loaded, means less for a game, so if you have 32gb or 16gb or ram, i wouldn't careless and carry on regardless, but if you have 8gb of less, then i would think on my points, then again i have less crashes / hangs than most, so tend to careless if others have 50 or 100.

if you have the latest pc and CPU and max ram, all this can be forgotten until you app and or game crashes, then see which one of the many needs turning off by trial and error before you find a cure, telling someone else it's there mess, is like saying all games work on every pc, which everyone knows they don't, they work on a given set of pc's that contain a given amount of power and resources and the least amount of apps and programs running in the background with default apps, that's fine, add in 3rd party poor ones, and the amount of errors caused are timed by a given factor of X10.

default apps in O/S are built in firewalls and AV, 3rd party are bought or free ones etc etc

zakblood -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 2:09:00 PM)

now which makes it even more harder for some to understand, is how old is the O/S?

if it's a clean install of windows and is less than a years old, which is good, but saying that, that also depends on who uses it, as there habits will make the installing and uninstalling and chances of errors grow or lesson etc.

if it's a upgraded from a previous version of windows, that can and does sometime make it somewhat harder, as error can be taken over, plain and simple, so in the long run, tech support isn't a answer and question sessions, where everything is the games fault, 99% of the time it's not, 1% or less it is, and that's a fact with most games.

take out all the errors which can be on a given pc, and the amount of choices each user has to install or uninstall something which can and does make the version or windows unstable or clash with another app or game, makes fixing errors something more of a pin in a haystack, than more than what others think, as first you need to replicate it, then again and again on different pc's to make sure the fix works on all, not just the odd one or developers pc only etc

so yes rather a waffle and long post for a reply and i'm sorry for that, but it's never as simple as 4 words, a mess

z1812 -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 6:37:50 PM)



To be fair, it doesn't always turn out like that. When i played that battle it didn't , the Germans assaulted the ridge successfully.

To be fair, a game should not be released with so many obvious problems.

budd -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 6:51:22 PM)

Yea, there starting to stack up. I got nothing.

STIENER -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/15/2019 11:34:23 PM)

" if you look at the tech support page and compare to the amount of bought customers" can see how many games have been bought on the tech page??

not everyone posts when they have know that I would think? ... allot/ some? will just lose interest and move on to another game. that's was an interesting response to the remark...its a mess....we shouldn't have to turn off all the apps and stuff running in the back ground to play the game we bought, we never have had to before and a lot of people don't have the PC knowledge to do it any ways, so that's not going to happen. if we have the required requirments to play the game on the PC we run then that should be good enough and it should run.

zakblood -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/16/2019 6:16:32 AM)

again fair comment,

the turn off part is to those who have crashes and major issues like it not running at all etc, not for the few who have game or bug related issues, hopefully another patch or fix will sort out the few issues which are left, and like its already been seen and mentioned, not everyone has the same problems either, so it's a odd map or a given setup / position etc.

this is my last post here, i'll come out of replying, so carry on as if i never has replied at all, my comments and posts are there to help and offer advice, take it or leave it, but i'm not getting into a need to reply to everything posted, so will leave it to the developer and move on to another test game,


STIENER -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/16/2019 7:18:28 AM)

thanks are a wealth of knowledge and we apprietiate you helping out here...thanks again. what are you moving onto?

WillKnott -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/22/2019 7:07:46 AM)

Overall, I think TBF is good. Played nonstop since I bought CC1's release way back when you bought your games at a brick n mortar computer store [:'(] 3d has been a long time coming, and I can only imagine the last 10 ish years of developing on one engine, only to realize you had to build another just to make this work, and having the fortitude to stick with it. I applaud the dedication. I hope this game is a commercial success for the team and it leads to future versions and more development. If TBF is to 3d CC as CC1 was to the 2d series, then we are in store for a treat for many more years to come.

1. I like the new force pool format, makes limiting casualties more important.
2. I like that infantry when very close can have a chance (low) vs armor, they can damage the tank or immobilize the crew and occasionally destroy it.
3. for a first time 3d, nice to have multiple theaters and varied terrain.
4. the los sight tool is very good, person who thought of that one deserves a medal.
5. I like how you can take your 'slotted' teams and create smaller teams that don't take up a slot. allows some interesting setups and I don't have to waste a full slot to get a bazooka, sniper our 3 man assault.
6. Good scaling of men to buildings, I like troops now actually have to use windows n doors :)
7. Obviously, the 3d environment really improves the main issue with 2d and line of sight problems. (I see u, u see me aspect and the shooting through hills bugs)
8. Tank vs Tank feels good, I like there isn't one shot one kill to the tank fight, this is good and I like they have to trade shots.

1. Where are the 2 story buildings?
2. Graphics are ok not terrible and 3d tank rendering is not bad, but a bit cartoonish everywhere else on zoom out, and they lack details as 2d did...forgivable for having to make a new engine...hopefully future versions give more time to spruce up some things.
3. Only 2 angles on 3d? be nice to get a ground level view from a unit.
4. Game crashes too often, I have multiple modern systems, tried them all and they all crash. I'm allowing some leeway. We are on version 1.0 of a new engine built from scratch. Its understandable. I will sit on full on complaining until a few patches come out.
5. No custom operation in Editor. That is the best way to play Close combat with a few maps to go back n forth on. Especially Multiplayer.
6. Maps are a bit small, wish they had more space to maneuver.
7. I know CC has the 'mental' aspect of combat, but the men panic, break, and run too quickly. Dudes need to have a little more virtual fortitude. They don't need to all be fearless and never break under stress, but I see men more often break and run at the first shots. I stack up officers with them and it helps, but they need a bump in the values that make them withstand combat a bit more. I see them break and run doing normal not crazy tasks without casualties under good cover.

In the end, combat doesn't seem as refined as the 2d series. Granted, 2d vs 3d is going to feel that way, but I cant put my finger on what feels 'off' to me. However, in infantry level combat, while it still has the "Close Combat" feel to game play, the combat doesn't feel 'right' for a close combat game. (ya, it sounds weird, and why I have a hard time explaining it) Perhaps its number 7 under my gripes list. Its still fun, but compared to PITF or G2C battles in 2d, the fine control and fire and manuever seems to be missing. I hope as patches come out and refinements are made, the finer details of game play start to come back.

Saturnian -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/22/2019 7:16:35 AM)

I think that what they have is salvageable and I don't hold any grudge for matrix releasing it as it is. However there are lots of things that need to be fixed. It is horrible to lose a whole squad because they panic and run toward an enemy. At least make them surrender, for crying out loud. But they don't do that anymore!

WillKnott -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/22/2019 8:59:51 PM)

as for Gripe #3, just saw a post from pip...."You can alter the view angle using both the SHIFT+UP/DOWN keys and by holding down the middle mouse button."

so i guess i can cross that off the list :)
so i post this and patch comes out a few hours later and 'free camera' shows up in the patch...better than editing the file method...

Also, been playing w graphics settings. due to frequent crashing, i set the graphics to lowest settings...i added shadows back and ground clutter after 1.0.2 and it brought back some details that made it look cartoonish...shadows definitely cured the "Lahaina Noon" effect.

Saturnian -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/25/2019 6:05:01 AM)

I can't be the only one that hasn't had a single medal earned other than a purple heart. what is going on?!!?!?

Do I have a setting turned off?! "Soldiers never earn medals" option I accidentally switched on?

And please, why can't I click on the individual soldiers!?!? The game knows who has what gun, but I can't click them to find out!

STIENER -> RE: Impressions thus far (10/25/2019 6:26:17 AM)

seems to me that allot of players are still saying that there troops panic and run allot in this game. Matrix? cant this be tweaked?

Bradley62 -> RE: Impressions thus far (11/1/2019 6:41:26 AM)

Played through 5 battles so far with (1.0.4) really enjoying the game. Will always have a great affinity for the top down versions but the potential for this title is enormous. Beautiful game just needs more love and attention. Did have a tank go under a bridge but was able to bring back on road with an order. It rewards for good tactics and can be unforgiving for careless or poor tactical decisions. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work!

wodin -> RE: Impressions thus far (11/1/2019 10:57:42 AM)

I found attacking in Cobra was far far easier than trying to attack in Tunisia

Saturnian -> RE: Impressions thus far (11/2/2019 4:30:43 AM)

I just got through Enna in Sicily and thought it was one of the maps that really lets the AI shine. I felt it allowed the right combination of strategy and tactics and felt realistic.

What I did notice at the end, though, is that the broken remnants of AI teams never surrender(I never have seen anyone surrender in this game, ever) and they can be essentially impossible to kill. I sent in 4 teams for a final flanking attack, but the broken enemy units just stayed where they were and no one could shoot them. I had to run past them and they got to keep that section of map when the battle was over. Realistically they would have surrendered and there is no way anyone could survive what we threw at them at point blank range. And the hand to hand combat looks cool, but it take way too long to get a kill.

But otherwise I think that the AI works best in large, open maps. Work needs to be done on close range fighting because there are some issues.

STIENER -> RE: Impressions thus far (11/2/2019 7:18:43 AM)

@ Pip....again the no surrender scenario. perhaps a good look into this??

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