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wodin -> Dug in positions (10/10/2019 8:46:50 PM)

OK when in the briefing it mentions good dug in positions I'm expecting trenches or at least foxholes and maybe the odd bunker for MG's. Instead noting..not a shell scrape. Just handy rocks.

Can we have trenches and foxholes etc? Old CC had them.

uneducated -> RE: Dug in positions (10/11/2019 11:10:47 AM)

Do units dig in just by being left alone and not asked to move or fire?

Is the amount a unit is dug in indicated somehow?

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Dug in positions (10/11/2019 2:11:24 PM)

The foxholes look a bit shallow due to lighting and visibility issues but are good protection in terms of the game data values.

When the briefing indicates you can dig in, foxholes are dug by units in most terrain automatically.

catweasel -> RE: Dug in positions (10/12/2019 2:11:02 PM)

I'm a bit puzzled, too: The briefing told about a "prepared defense" and there was an icon showing a shovel next to it. After I placed my units carfully on the map, I assumed to see some fortified positions, maybe sandbags or even trenches. Nothing, the units just used what was available. Did I miss something, or is this feature broken in 1.0.0/1.0.1?

I tried to make some screenshots if I have the occasion.

Divadov -> RE: Dug in positions (10/12/2019 2:44:34 PM)

I have put an AT 75mm in place, before some minutes they have make a foxhole around the cannon.

catweasel -> RE: Dug in positions (10/12/2019 4:45:42 PM)

Well, didn't work for me.

According to the briefing, I should start dug in: http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=20_fortified2.jpg

But after placing my units, it looks like this, I can't spot any foxholes or similar (of course, a couple of minutes after start the AT was hit by a mortar round): http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=20_fortified.jpg

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Dug in positions (10/12/2019 7:54:51 PM)

Troops will automatically dig in where it is feasible. Rocky and/or steep terrain or nearby walls/buildings/boulders is probably preventing it. Indicating when this will or won't happen during deployment is on the list of things to add.

ineffable -> RE: Dug in positions (12/21/2019 1:08:36 AM)

Veteran CC players may expect that if the scenario says the enemy is attacking that automatically means the player can dig-in. But you'll notice that, in the editor, attacker status and dig-in capability are two different battle settings. In TBF an attacker can dig-in but not the defender! Or both sides can dig-in and neither is attacking.

Markowicz -> RE: Dug in positions (12/23/2019 4:30:50 PM)

In any case, you should be able to tell if your units are dug-in BEFORE the battle starts and this is NOT the case at the moment...

catweasel -> RE: Dug in positions (2/20/2020 8:07:51 AM)

While I understand that it is a scenario variable if troops can dig-in/camouflage or not, are there any plans to add an indicator if a unit is capable to do so at a given location?

I understand as well that rocky terrain prevents foxholes, but some sort of camouflage should be possible? In one battle all men were either marked green or blue behind rocks/plants on an elevated position (dig-in allowed), yet they were spotted right from the start by enemy units in much lower terrain.

In some maps it's crucial to have men placed in fox holes/trenches or camouflaged, so it's rather frustrating to find out after starting the battle that they are actually not and enemy units start firing upon them immediately.

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Dug in positions (2/20/2020 3:20:18 PM)

Hi Catweasel -- Yes, a 'can dig-in here' indicator is a planned addition.

BHunterSEAL -> RE: Dug in positions (4/5/2020 8:48:40 PM)

I'm sorry to report that I've tried a number of different approaches to get foxholes / gun pits and nothing has worked. When the 'dug-in' indicator appears for my forces, I'll try placing guns and infantry in open terrain, away from hills, cover and other obstructions, using both Defend and Ambush orders, but no change to the map is made and no cover indicator appears.

The camouflage feature for vehicles and guns does seem to work, however. It's lost after firing for the first time. A question about this--do crewed weapons (heavier than HMGs, I mean) benefit from either Cover or Concealment terrain benefits? They don't get the green / blue indicators but this would be a bit of a change from the old CC games.

ineffable -> RE: Dug in positions (4/7/2020 6:33:15 PM)

What map(s) are dug-in emplacements not showing on?

GE dug in on Tine Valley -


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