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Funker33 -> Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/5/2019 1:47:07 AM)

I timed it with my stop watch and it appears for the battle clock to take 30 seconds in actual time to elapse 10 seconds in game time although the gameplay seems to be going at regular speed, for example the game clock said there was 10 minuets left in the battle and 30 minutes later I'm still waiting for it to end. I checked my settings and I have it on 100% speed and my troops seem to be moving at what looks like normal speed.

IronMikeGolf -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/5/2019 1:53:38 AM)

My troops crawl and the mouse is laggy

artofwar85 -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/5/2019 4:10:48 AM)

Yeah i had to keep restarting the campaign cause ya can't change the timer settings but ONLY when ya initially set up the campaign they need to allow one to tweak the timer length any time they want then also add speeds to the real time at least they have a pause. woo hoo. Actually since this genre has been out for so long a time they should have released it with these options but evidently it would be a nightmare to incorporate this.

Simulacra53 -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/5/2019 7:45:26 AM)

In addition it would be nice to have a fast forward option, at least until the next encounter.

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/5/2019 2:20:14 PM)

It sounds like the game is just not running very quickly on your machines. SHIFT+Q will bring up an FPS counter in the top left of the screen. Reducing graphical options will help to speed up the game, Ground Clutter being the one that is most likely to help on lower spec machines.



Divadov -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/5/2019 6:12:52 PM)

I have config the game at lowest graphics and use Razer for speed up the PC but frames are in 8-10fps.

Could I change something to speed up the game? without change the PC ;)

ringoblood -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/5/2019 8:00:11 PM)

Sadly no if your graphics are on the lowest settings then that the best fps you can get without changing your machine, sadly, soundly like, you need to upgrade either the rig, or the graphic card or processor in rig. [;)]

Saturnian -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/6/2019 8:37:21 AM)

I've found that zooming-in speeds the game up as well. I can find a good compromise in settings which eliminates the need for that, though.

Funker33 -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/6/2019 4:39:04 PM)

In my test box I was using the onboard display adapter native to the Dell Optiplex 790 motherboard, I installed a MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and everything works flawlessly. This game appears to require a decent graphics card so if you are experiencing the symptoms I was, I recommend investing in an updated graphics card.

Divadov -> RE: Battle clock seems extremely slow (10/6/2019 9:59:02 PM)

After several test, I can confirm that "Show Ground Clutter" slow the frames of the game.

For old computers my tips is to reduce the resolution to minimum, play with maximum zoom and dont select this option.

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