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SilkTick31 -> Cant start Error code 51 (10/3/2019 10:02:25 PM)

Hi all!

So I bought my game on steam.
Installed it and asap tried to star the game.

Then that annoying error ocured.[&:]

I rebooted the computer and tried again.

Same thing.[>:]

Checked around. Firewall and stuff but couldnt find any trouble there.

I saw some else send dxdiag so ok if it helps heres mine.
Maby its time to buy a new pc after all [8D]

Please help![&o]

Also tried shutting of the wifi and tried to start it direct from gamefolder. same error occured.

VPaulus -> RE: Cant start Error code 51 (10/3/2019 11:50:09 PM)

Steam Error code 51 usually caused by the interference of an Internet security program.

I suggest you to check your Internet security programs and create an exclusion scan area for the game's installation folder and for the game main file exes.

If this fails, please also try the other suggestions offered in the link below:

SilkTick31 -> RE: Cant start Error code 51 (10/5/2019 6:53:28 PM)

Well I got the game goin!

The interferance of the F Secure was fixed...

Yes I like the game...

Ive had nearly every...

Doin the campain now. On the run mostly from the axis.

Could be a god idea to add so vehicle could back up the same way they came from.
They are a bit slow in their brains. [:D]

At least I shoot down 2 out of three tanks last match so theres 1 and 3 vehicles still in the next...

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