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Daniele -> Close Combat: The Bloody First is deployed (10/3/2019 2:21:58 PM)

Following the German invasion of Poland, US forces started relocating their forces in preparation of possible operations in Europe.

As part of the partial mobilization, the 1st Infantry Division got more personnel and equipment, ready to be deployed for Operation Torch within the II Corps.

But Algeria and Tunisia were only the beginning. Soldiers previously unknown to each other became brothers, forged by the fire of dozens of battles.

After the fall of Tunisia was the turn of Sicily and then Normandy to get stormed.

The time to reverse the tide has come.

The Bloody First, the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series, is out.

Take your chance to lead your men through a Grand Campaign covering three theatres, and watch them fight with tooth and nails against a variety of different enemies, from hardened veterans to kampfgruppen quickly gathered.

The new 3D Archon Engine has expanded the level of detail of the battlefields, making every position on the map critical and important.

Multiplayer has always been an acclaimed feature of the series and in The Bloody First this is truer than ever. Fight in bitter 1 vs 1 battles or team up in co-op against the AI to better coordinate your actions.

Do you want to see the game in action? Donít miss our Twitch Stream today with DasTactic!

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