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RsRaiders -> Buddy Lasing (10/1/2019 2:02:54 PM)

I'm new here, maybe the question has already been asked. If so, don't hesitate to put a link to the topic, because I haven't found anything so far.

My question is about C:MANO and the notion of Buddy Lasing. (Strike Tuto #4)

I have two Harrier GR.7's armed with 2xCPU-123 and a TIALD for laser designation. - A little DCS feeling.
I have to attack 4 targets in the mountains by masking my planes against two enemy SAM positions placed on the plains.

During my attack, I made an approach close to the ground through the valley to reach the area to be bombed.
Once in the area, I give the mission to one of my planes to loop around the area with the TIALD to turn on and the other to bomb (SHIFT+F1 with a bomb allocated to a target).

Except that when there is a collaboration between the two planes, I should have a yellow line from the rotating wingsman to mark the targets and the other one who makes his approach (altitude increase and alignment) to drop his load.

In my case, I have the wingsman who just fly to recognize the area with his TIALD activated but no line points to the targets, it is the second plane that when it arrives on area has a Green line then Red before dropping its bomb.

I probably missed something on this subject, do you have any leads or more precise explanations to get Buddy Lasing done?

TacView for the next one will probably be useful to better understand what is not working!

Raptorx7_slith -> RE: Buddy Lasing (10/1/2019 3:36:05 PM)

Turning on a laser designator in an aircrafts sensor window doesn't do anything, the game assumes it is always activated.

RsRaiders -> RE: Buddy Lasing (10/2/2019 6:46:25 AM)

Yes, but it was to force his activation.

As part of this mission, there is cloud cover at 20k ft.
My marking aircraft flies at ~1k ft around the target but no yellow line is pointed at the structures when the attacker is In Hot.

Cik -> RE: Buddy Lasing (10/2/2019 2:26:42 PM)

it's a red line for laser designation.

go to view and turn on target designation.

the whole thing is automatic, btw- as soon as the attacking aircraft needs it anybody nearby who can designate for the weapon will do so assuming they have the range and LOS to do so.

Sardaukar -> RE: Buddy Lasing (10/2/2019 2:28:38 PM)

As Cik said, it shows when attacking a/c has LOS...something to check.

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