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bounce220 -> Refuel RTB AC (9/30/2019 11:43:50 AM)


I keep on having the issue where AC which are RTB are refuelling from tanker AC which are heading to their mission. The only workaround I have is to unassigned the AC when they are on the way back and then reassign them once landed.
Is it possible to make it so that if the AC have the fuel required to get home then they no longer will look to refuel?

Dimitris -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (9/30/2019 11:50:27 AM)


Can you please provide a save file that illustrates what you are describing? Thank you.

bounce220 -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (9/30/2019 3:07:39 PM)

Example attached

Stonedog -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (9/30/2019 3:49:33 PM)

Bounce this came up a few years a go , here is a link to the 1.1 refueling upgrades from that discussion......

and this link is to the actual post and replies .

Dimitris -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (9/30/2019 4:11:16 PM)

So this has already been fixed ?

Stonedog -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (9/30/2019 4:39:20 PM)

More like discussed Dimitris and what could and could not be done from the USER end of things . This Refuel on RTB is simply , or was for the longest time , just one of those things you learned to deal with . The links I gave him are for the Manual and addendum / FAQ stuff on refueling and the actual series of post on the subject from around 2016 .

The 1.1 "feature add" update added many things and upgrades to refueling was one of them.

bounce220 -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (10/1/2019 5:43:29 PM)

Hi Stonedog -

Both links seem to be to the same article.
Also are you saying that RBT AC refueling on way back is just a thing which cant be changed/altered?

I am happy with the features but AC refueling on way back is just annoying and disrupts my plans when a tanker shows up already drained

Stonedog -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (10/2/2019 7:58:33 PM)

Hi Bounce, I am sorry, I am having a off week ( Could say year :) )and apologize for the link mix up .. this is to a STEAM post on it and this one from circa 2015/16 I think is here on Matrix and the Discussion of it and has a lot of good info if you want to read through it , user phatstar post several good links for the topic in a couple post . Along with said post are a few ideas or practices of players used to work around or fix the issue. It was , at one time,considered fixed as a mechanic but I can not for life of me rember what exactly that entailed. You should find what you need at these if I did the link correctly this time, wouldnt shock me if I di not and feel free to reply or pm if I did and I try get me head out of my arse and do it again :)

Stonedog -> RE: Refuel RTB AC (10/2/2019 8:05:47 PM)

Yeah I know man, it can also lead to timing issues that get you aircraft in some precarious situations . Like returning late and not being able to rearm and refuel in time foir a mission that may be critical. Straying into a CAP flight of the enemy when it leaves the Tanker and adjust its flight path home etc... Not to worry there are ways to deal with it listed in those links I hopefully did right this time. Mostly in the MATRIX post links.

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