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Arkblade -> can't load tutorial (9/25/2019 11:33:35 PM)

can't load tutorial.
it say "Load Game Error".
This has been reported by several of my friends.

Arkblade -> RE: can't load tutorial (9/27/2019 3:47:19 PM)

it seem to "tutorial.sol" is outdated.
i just repace "tutorial.sol" to any other normal save data, it work fine.

LarkinVB -> RE: can't load tutorial (10/10/2019 5:38:32 AM)

Reuploaded patch v1.2.8 with fixed tutorial.sol file.

Arkblade -> RE: can't load tutorial (10/15/2019 11:50:29 PM)

I confirmed the work fine of new tutorial.sol.
thank you!

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