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Eboreg -> Improvements needed in "Air Sea Battle" (9/24/2019 8:40:15 PM)

Alright, I just finished the "Air Sea Battle" scenario and while I would like to say that this is an excellent part of the campaign, there are a few improvements that need to be made.

-First things first, I immediately started the scenario by blatantly defying orders and telling the Texas to Tomahawk the Over-the-Horizon radars on the Chinese mainland. I expected to receive some punishment but, in fact, I was rewarded. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any sort of reason not to attack any radars on the Chinese mainland whatsoever (except, well, conserving ammunition). I feel like the designers should at least give some points penalty for defying orders like this.

-The submarine positions were actually very well thought out and I'll have to admit that they could have posed a pretty significant threat to my task force if it weren't for one small problem. Every single one of their patrol missions set their radars to active and this is a problem that isn't just present in this scenario but throughout the entire campaign. I really think the devs need to take a more careful look at the missions in each scenario to make sure enemy subs don't go full retard.

-In terms of scoring, the fact that I'm granted a victory at 6000 points seems a bit too generous since I easily got 7600 points before the Task Force was even halfway to the victory zone and even before it came under any sort of attack. This should probably be tweaked, maybe not allow a victory until all surviving carriers make it to the victory zone.

-Now we get to the part where I inevitably looked "under the hood" and although the ASBMs didn't really pose any threat thanks to a little something called "EMCON", I found that "Event 2" where two extra DF-26D batteries spawn in is a little messed up because the second one is spawned in Northern Siberia. No, really, it somehow shows up in Russian territory well out of reach of my task force at any point so you guys might want to tweak the coordinates just a bit.

-I actually found the warning that you'll need to balance offense and defense a little off since I didn't come under any sort of attack until well after I had shut down all of the island bases. Maybe it's my extensive use of tankers or the fact that the submarines went full retard before they could get in range of my task force or the fact that I went through the Makassar Strait or maybe it's even the fact that I blew up the OTH radars but I was able to easily defend the task force simply by arming every single one of my Super Hornets and Lightnings with air-superiority loadouts after the bombing was done and launching all of my fighters as soon my Global Hawk parked near the Spratly Islands detected the incoming bombing raid.

-Lastly, I commend the scenario designers for making the Anti-shipping attacks harder to defend against by giving the escorting fighters the almighty PL-15 but it would make the attacks even harder to stop if said fighters actually turned their radars on!

Oh... and is it possible to give the Presidential Unit Citation to Bulldog Squadron because regularly taking 10-14 hour long flights in a bunch of F-22 Raptors to sweep the skies of enemy aircraft without suffering any sort of losses has to account for something.

BDukes -> RE: Improvements needed in "Air Sea Battle" (9/24/2019 10:17:35 PM)

Just gets money back already[:)] You seem want bad attention.


Eboreg -> RE: Improvements needed in "Air Sea Battle" (9/24/2019 11:21:23 PM)

It's a great game! That's why I want it improved!

(And I bought the game on Steam [8|])

BDukes -> RE: Improvements needed in "Air Sea Battle" (9/25/2019 1:18:59 AM)



It's a great game! That's why I want it improved!

(And I bought the game on Steam [8|])

Ack vaping Steam is nasty habits. Life sucking little muffler.When I was child and ate magic mushroom I do way funner stuff! Time Change!

BillllllllllD... <—haha make you think I in motion.

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