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Eboreg -> ASAT SNAFU (9/23/2019 1:10:03 PM)

Hey guys, I'm playing "Air Sea Battle" and I'm currently trying to shoot down Yaogan-25A since it's entering the DLZ of my SM-3s. However, there's a bit of a problem: the SM-3s keep losing track and head for Polaris. I've tried holding my fire on numerous occasions but I can't keep the satellite in the DLZ of any of my ships without shooting Polaris. Is there something I'm missing?

Edit: This problem is (somewhat) resolved as I've decided to start getting more aggressive in my satellite hunting and detach SM-3-equipped warships from their formations to rush to the DLZ when the opportunity presents itself.

tmoilanen -> RE: ASAT SNAFU (11/25/2019 1:38:11 PM)

How do you attack satellites? I've never been able to get it to work in either Chains of War, or by creating a scenario and dropping an Arleigh Burke with SM3s right under the orbital path of a satellite. I'm never able to engage, the message in the Weapon Allocation is always "Target is out of the weapon's DLZ."

Eboreg -> RE: ASAT SNAFU (11/26/2019 11:21:09 PM)

The whole point is to fire at a satellite before it gets in range. The way I did it was to allocate the shots ahead of time and just wait for the satellites to enter the DLZ.

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