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kbfchicago -> Options at game start (9/22/2019 2:35:42 PM)

Long time player, new to editing. Was looking to make modifications to the game start, adding more variability into the first 30 days with delayed arrivals (e.g. all reflected merchant shipping was not mobilized immediately), additional ships at sea on the first turn, etc.

I have read through and searched the editor manual, I did find how to load LCUs in TFs and set initial fuel levels on ships. Have not figured out how to load cargo: supplies, fuel and resources onto TFs in transit (at sea) or in port at the start of the game. Can someone help me out with this or confirm that is not an option?

Thank you.


Dili -> RE: Options at game start (9/22/2019 2:58:45 PM)

Isn't enough to put it in cargo, transport TF, replenishment TF etc? i suppose resources would be a problem. I checked the Japanese tankers and there isn't an obvious option except the TF mission type.

kbfchicago -> RE: Options at game start (9/22/2019 3:11:23 PM)


My intent is to put some % of cargo TFs as empty, reflecting cargo that would not contribute to AE supply (e.g. commercial items), a % with partial loads, a few with full loads. Mix of fuel and oil tankers. The world was not an pause for the 6th of Dec, looking to reflect typical commercial traffic for that time with a mix of Allied nations sending out pre-war supplies/stockpiles. Same but a lesser extent for Japan, don't know, but assume they did not pull every commercial ship off the seas on 6 Dec.

Dili -> RE: Options at game start (9/22/2019 4:53:14 PM)

% of cargo i think you can't do it.

What you could do is to cut the fuel of the ships that are at sea, and ship mechanical status , i mean KB is in Pearl Harbor full of fuel and all ships shinning as if they have come out of shipyard.

LargeSlowTarget -> RE: Options at game start (9/24/2019 4:28:01 PM)

Not an option. Unless you specify a land or air unit to load, the load of merchant ships in TFs at game start is completely random.

Mechanical defects at game start i.e. sys and eng damage have been included in at least one mod (mine[;)])

kbfchicago -> RE: Options at game start (11/5/2019 2:19:44 PM)

LST - Dili, thanks. Yes LST, you are my hero...use your mod exclusively at this point :-). Love it.

Will have to modify my approach, put cargo ships at see with no cargo. Perhaps reflecting what was at sea on 6 Dec were only cargos that would not have added to wartime supply or resourcing, not terribly realistic but better in my mind vs. having 95% of ships start in a port.

That would be a potential ask for any future mods. Ability to start ships at sea with full/partial supply or resource cargos. Reflecting a more realistic pattern of traffic on 6 Dec

Thanks. Kevin.

PaxMondo -> RE: Options at game start (11/5/2019 5:26:54 PM)

When you create a TF and give it a mission, the startup will put cargo in. So, if you have a TF on a resource run and it is mid-transit, when you start each ship will have some resources in it. Not always full, but some. Not sure if all of the choices are in the editor, you may have to edit the csv files for this. I only edit in the csv files, so .

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