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markb50k -> World War III (9/21/2019 8:01:40 PM)

I've been playing with MWIF for years now, and have been tweaking and bending the game to be very personalized to how I want to play.

Well, just to show an example of how far you can push this game, I'd like to show you some teasers of a new 1989 World War III scenario I have been working on for a few months. I'm just about ready to start this beast and I figured y'all would get a kick out of the idea.

Basically consider 1939 as 1989, and the world has taken sides. I did a ton of research into World military power in the 1987-1989 timeframe.

It's purely hypothetical and much of this is done for fun and for me, so while i kept NATO and Warsaw Pact forces per the historical setup, much of the rest of the world was determined for balance, and I'll likely tweak this several times to max the fun-factor.

Unlike the Global War scenario, the sides start with massive forces and I cannot wait to see the sheer number of losses that the opening turn will create.

Anyways here's a couple of shots. I'll check back here and answer any questions y'all have but at this point I know about as much about the game and the limits of what you can do as I guess I'll ever know, so hopefully I can help with any one curious how to do this for your own game.

Take it easy :)


markb50k -> RE: World War III (9/21/2019 8:02:59 PM)

Quick shot of Korea/China/Japan AO:


paulderynck -> RE: World War III (9/21/2019 8:21:49 PM)

I'd be interested in your supply calculation times.

markb50k -> RE: World War III (9/21/2019 8:25:47 PM)

yeah, that will be a beast for sure. The sooner less units are on the board the better lol.

Shannon V. OKeets -> RE: World War III (9/23/2019 3:22:32 AM)


ORIGINAL: markb50k

yeah, that will be a beast for sure. The sooner less units are on the board the better lol.

It looks like you have made a lot of Europe as part of the US. If that is true, then supply calculations shouldn't be that bad. Very little overseas supply I suspect.

What did you do about HQs?

markb50k -> RE: World War III (9/23/2019 11:46:58 AM)

Yes everything is simplified. Germany is the Warsaw Pact. USA is NATO. All HQs and units are the same country just with different names to key which country they are representing which I will use when deciding where to place reinforcements etc. itís built purely with solitaire in mind and the challenges are less dealing with allied cooperation and more with gameplay.

hazmaxed -> RE: World War III (9/27/2019 8:17:26 PM)

I like the idea. Do the air units represent much smaller numbers of aircraft, maybe squadron size? One small critique; the air-to-air value for the F-117s should probably be parenthesized, because they are not air-to-air capable, to my knowledge.

Looks like fun.

markb50k -> RE: World War III (9/30/2019 6:59:09 PM)

At first I made each counter represent 50 aircraft but I saw some performance degredation so I upped it to 100 and removed half the counters off the board. I later discovered that exceedingly high ranges made calculations intense for the program especially for naval air phase so I lowered those as well. Still trying to find the middle ground. As for the F117 yeah I converted it to a LND But youíre right I should probably make it in parentheses. Thanks

PS just started the first turn and hope to give some highlights later on. Just finished naval combat phase

Divadov -> RE: World War III (10/16/2019 6:16:44 PM)


Where is possible to download the module?

markb50k -> RE: World War III (10/24/2019 10:41:24 PM)

Still tweaking the starting setups. Proper game scale is challenging especially for performance reasons. When I get to the next stopping point I can see how easy it is to make it available

TrogusP96 -> RE: World War III (11/15/2019 6:01:18 PM)

Pretty cool looking. Are you able to change unit costs for land units? If so how? I'm trying to change division costs.

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