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sid66 -> Unit Viewer (9/20/2019 4:54:33 PM)

Unit Viewer does not work.
It gives me a message "path not found"
Any help?

Jason Petho -> RE: Unit Viewer (9/20/2019 4:56:07 PM)

More than likely you've installed the game in the default location.

I'd recommend installing the game in:

C:/Matrix Games/Campaign Series Middle East

or something other than C:/Program Files (x86)

Crossroads -> RE: Unit Viewer (9/23/2019 4:18:27 PM)

...or, the settings.txt at C:\Matrix Games\Campaign Series Middle East\ points to a wrong folder.

Should be your installation folder, with absolute path:

Middle East=C:\Matrix Games\_CSLDEV\Campaign Series Middle East

or, with relative path:


The path should have been the relative path per installer, but it isn't, sorry about that.

bru888 -> RE: Unit Viewer (12/18/2019 5:21:58 AM)

What worked for me:

1) Installed the game in C:/Matrix Games/Campaign Series Middle East.

2) Searched and found the settings.txt file. (It was in C:\Matrix Games\Campaign Series Middle East\tools\CS_UnitViewer.) In that file, it had this statement: "Middle East=C:\Matrix Games\Campaign Series Middle East 2.0" It was the "2.0" that was the problem. When I deleted that, the Unit Viewer worked.


1) If the developers prefer installation in C:/Matrix Games/Campaign Series Middle East, they should mandate that if they can. My first installation defaulted to C:\Program Files (x86)\Matrix Games\Campaign Series Middle East which I did not notice.

2) Make the statement in settings.txt match the default C:/Matrix Games/Campaign Series Middle East location (or, even better, make that dynamic and follow wherever the game is installed).

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