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Hellen_slith -> Germany (North) 1990: Sandy v. Hellen [mirror games] (9/17/2019 3:20:41 PM)

here is end of screen splash for sandy and me in (me as NATO) Germany North scene. At the end, I think Hamburg changed hands two or three times, so that was kind of fun.

We have a mirror game in this too, almost done.

Seems like NATO has the advantage in this one. Have not seen a draw or a Pact victory yet. Still, its kind of fun trying to get Pact across the board.

One thing is, on turn 1 I have seen helicopter special forces for Pact, but only in some intances. Other times I have
not seen them. Maybe some kind of event or variability?

Anyway, if Pact gets those, it might be possible to overwhelm NATO, but I haven't found a way yet.


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