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dave123 -> update destroyed game unplayable (9/17/2019 3:16:19 PM)

Game updated today through steam. PBEM then would not work. Downloaded update from slitherine tried to install, it says I don't have the game. Tried to restart in steam. Now the game is in spanish and at a resolution that won't allow me to exit the game, or change the configuration to a resolution that I can see.

I have the steam version

afraid to uninstall as I can't find the PBEM stuff to save it first.

dave123 -> RE: update destroyed game unplayable (9/17/2019 3:35:49 PM)

I got it to go english and fixed resolution. for some crazy reason, my resolution 2560 x 1440 is no longer supported if I have apps showing 150 percent bigger in windows (used to work fine). but i can't get it to update still.

seems kinda crazy that I have to go into windows and change my settings every time i play the game - which i didn't have to do before!

well, the game says that I'm at version 1.05. the pbem server says i should be at 1.03.

please tell me i haven't lost all my games!

Hubert Cater -> RE: update destroyed game unplayable (9/17/2019 4:23:07 PM)

Hi Dave123,

The PBEM++ server version should be corrected now (no games will be lost) and if you have the Steam version there is no need to download or install Matrix patches for the game as it will not be compatible as you've noticed.

For the resolution, there is no need to change it on Windows each time you start the game, what I would suggest is the following for your case, and you will not have to repeat this again:

1) Navigate to the following folder on your PC:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Strategic Command WWII - World at War

2) Open the file called SC3.ini

3) Change these lines to the following and then save and close the file:


4) Launch the game and it should work just fine after that.

Hope this helps and sorry about the trouble,

dave123 -> RE: update destroyed game unplayable (9/18/2019 4:22:02 PM)

Thank you Mr. Cater. After all these years, you are still the best tech support of any software I have ever purchased.

I tried your fix, this allowed to work at 125 scaling, but still fails at the 150 I like.

Better, but would be great if it worked like before.

Another issue has appeared. I can't seem to select any of the graphic mods. I've tried both in 3d, and the regular (which is what I use). I can see them, but they are greyed out.

Any ideas?



zakblood -> RE: update destroyed game unplayable (9/18/2019 5:05:47 PM)

all are greyed out, just click in the square box at the end to select the one you wish to load, and your sorted

Hubert Cater -> RE: update destroyed game unplayable (9/18/2019 6:11:56 PM)

Hi Dave,

Thanks and we should have a fix for the 150% scaling and above ready soon, sorry again about the trouble.


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