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Spudsie74 -> Advanced 3rd Reich Variant (9/17/2019 1:49:58 AM)

Where can I get a copy of the "house rules" for this scenario? It is a lot of fun, but it appears there are event triggers that I am missing.

pzgndr -> RE: Advanced 3rd Reich Variant (9/17/2019 4:08:46 PM)

Are you referring to my Advanced Third Reich mod? Not sure what you mean by house rules, but the mod has plenty of variant events that are randomly triggered.

Spudsie74 -> RE: Advanced 3rd Reich Variant (9/17/2019 4:23:49 PM)

Yes, I meant your A3R Mod. Very well done. I just wondered if there was a list of what worked different/the same from the original game. For example, 3rd Reich handles Malta & Gibraltar somewhat differently than SC3. I was just wondering what is different in this mod, other than the look. Of course, if we're not supposed to know... :)

pzgndr -> RE: Advanced 3rd Reich Variant (9/17/2019 5:23:49 PM)

No comprehensive list per se. There is a Design Notes document with helpful info. And there should be a diplomacy appendix that covers stuff. But for all of the variants? No. You could pull up the units event scripts and search for "Variant" to see what triggers. You'll find Z-Plan extra fleet for Germany and US transfers fleets from Pacific variants, like in the boardgame. But there's a lot more like extra HQs and other stuff for each side. Plus AI gets some extra stuff to make it challenging. Just too much to list. You'll just have to explore and find out! ;)

Spudsie74 -> RE: Advanced 3rd Reich Variant (9/18/2019 12:48:19 AM)

Found the notes! Much is a great scenario (I like the original a lot too). [&o][&o][&o] I used to be addicted to Advanced 3rd Reich. [X(]Looks like a relapse is in the works.[:-] I am having a blast with your scenario.

pzgndr -> RE: Advanced 3rd Reich Variant (9/21/2019 11:34:45 PM)

Let us know how it goes. Comments and suggestions are still welcome. I am considering another update v1.3 to make a few more minor adjustments as needed. There is one bug I corrected, and I want to change Palestine and Trans-Jordan back to being separate countries. There may be other adjustments worth making.

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