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ny59giants -> Ships upgrading disappear. (9/15/2019 7:02:18 AM)

I'm in mid-March '45 as Allies. I have some large warships upgrading in Soerabaja. They have disappeared!!. We went back two days and that seemed to solve the problem. Now, 4 days later it has happened again. [:@][:(][:@] Anybody run across this?? If so, what was the solution? I need MichaelM to look at it.....

EDIT - I was trying to go back to sleep and remembered the issue of over stacking in port. What was the solution to it?

geofflambert -> RE: Ships upgrading disappear. (9/15/2019 9:42:45 AM)

You're saying that when you look at "ships under service" you see nothing? As I recall you can have no more than 99 ships disbanded in port, if you have more than that some will "disappear" and only 99 will be displayed. If you look up the specific ship it will show as being there, still. MichaelM is no longer working on this project if I'm not mistaken.

btd64 -> RE: Ships upgrading disappear. (9/15/2019 9:45:26 AM)

Reduce the number of ships in port to under 1000.
You're up late Mike....GP

geofflambert -> RE: Ships upgrading disappear. (9/15/2019 9:53:43 AM)

999. That's it. Ships in TF do not count against that limit. Nothing is wrong, the ships are still there but you can't easily look them up unless you search for the specific ship. Soerbaja is a heck of a place to have that many ships. Singapore or Manila could happen. Take some of them out and use them for gunnery practice.

geofflambert -> RE: Ships upgrading disappear. (9/15/2019 9:58:57 AM)

Maybe I should have answered (in the first place) 'It's just a dream, Mike ... only a dream. Go back to sleep.'

ny59giants -> RE: Ships upgrading disappear. (9/15/2019 11:06:42 AM)

They were still there when I had 1291 ships in port. I've gone back two turns when they showed up and moved over 200 ships out.

Brian - I get up around 2am to pee every night. Often do a turn or part of one from Nathan. He is in Brisbane, so it works out good for turn rate.

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