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stljeffbb -> Fighters dropping 000 tons of bombs (!) (9/15/2019 1:51:07 AM)

Hello everyone....I seem to remember some of this from a long time ago, but I have noticed in testing 3.2.15 that on occasion, fighters that have no "capacity" are making bombing runs on targets, but of course have no load!

I'm wondering why this is, and I think I've always wondered why airplanes who did carry a small bomb load do not have it represented.

Planes like the Fulmar II, A5M, P-35, P-47, Ki-27, etc., all seem to have carried, at various times, a small bomb load.

Seems to me that if they are going on a bombing run, and they know it, they would have loaded up!

For my own homebrew edited game I plan on assigning load values, but I wonder if there is a reason not too, like perhaps special coding that gives certain fighters an advantage because they do not have capacity.



EDIT: I also notice that some planes have 0 cannon, when many IMHO should. B5N had at least one rear gun, Ki-46-II had 1 gun, etc.

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