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Tamas -> The Norway Factor (beta mini-AAR / tease) (9/12/2019 8:54:55 AM)

Hi Everyone,

There have been some requests for beta tester AARs, and while we don't have any of those for you (at least not yet), the following report from our esteemed tester gwgardner was just too nice not to share.

It highlights a couple of moments from his multiplayer game with another tester, Zovs, which we think show off some of the game's strengths. Here it is, directly copied from the beta forum. Enjoy:


At this scale, Warplan is the first wargame I've played where there was an actual 'realistic' battle for Norway. One in which the battle wasn't scripted, or automatic.

Kudos to fuzzypup for implementing all facets of operations so that such battles can happen.

Zovs initial invasion failed precisely because he had no air support, and could not prevent the British from sticking their noses in at Oslo.

But Zov took the proper tack, and in long-term fasion built up air superiority, provided air supply to his few forces in Norway, and finally was able to do another landing near Oslo. As for the UK, I was unable to commit sufficient air resources to Norway to hold onto it ... but the war is not over!

I'm just very impressed that Warplan's mechanics can lead to such interesting situations and resolutions.


Really the same can be said for the N. Africa campaign.

screenshot from Jan 1941, with the UK in the brief ascendant, but at the very limit of it's supply tether. Just the threat of the DAK will probably send me reeling back to Egypt. I don't have enough supply trucks or air support to do anything more than harass the Italians at this point.

The Warplan supply mechanics make this 'realistic' situation possible, and allows for a real campaign back and forth. No other wargame of this scale has done that in my experience.


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