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Energisteron -> Friendly Fire in Naval Battles !!! (9/11/2019 8:36:24 AM)

Hi, Pnzgdr and all

So, I've finished my first full campaign play-through (as Russia, versus the AI, 1805 EiA), and other than a few mistakes of entirely my own making while I got used to the UI, I have seen only one bug, and that again was my fault but I could see it being repeated by someone else so I thought I'd mention it here.

As Russia I had built up my Black Sea fleet, and was at war with Turkey. I entered the Dardanelles hoping to give battle to the Turkish fleet in conjunction with my ally Britain's fleet. The latter didn't engage and stayed in the Black Sea, so I attempted to attack the Turkish fleet alone.

My fleet had 'intercept all and don't evade' orders, so I clicked on the Turkish fleet, and was asked 'which fleet is going to attack?', so I clicked on my fleet, and was asked 'all Russian ships to attack?'. I clicked yes and was promptly brought to my first ever naval battle screen; my Russian fleet versus itself!

There was no turning back and I could not escape the battle screen. (I think one round of combat occurred but couldn't be absolutely sure.)

So, it was entirely my fault, but this really shouldn't happen. It wasn't as if it was two separate fleets and a case of mistaken identity. There was just the one fleet.

Can this self-inflicted error be blocked to prevent it?

I continued my game easily enough by restarting with the last auto save so no harm done, but I nearly repeated my mistake! It turned out the Turkish fleet was not actually in the Dardanelles but in dock at Constantinople. Hence the error - there was no enemy fleet to attack so the Russian fleet attacked itself!

pzgndr -> RE: Friendly Fire in Naval Battles !!! (9/14/2019 6:14:05 PM)

I am not able to reproduce this? We'll keep an eye on this moving forward with v1.23.

FYI, there is only one round for naval combats. Loser retreats to nearest friendly port and that's it.

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