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canuckgamer -> Gibraltar (9/4/2019 3:51:35 AM)

I thought that historically, the British holding Gibraltar prevented Axis naval vessels except for possibly subs entering or exiting the Med. In the game there are transit hexes for Axis naval vessels to the Atlantic from the Med and vice versa. I am curious why these transit hexes were added and what they represent. Thanks.

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Gibraltar (9/4/2019 12:09:47 PM)

I believe you are correct, quite a few German u-boats made the perilous journey but not many (if any) surface ships.

Some sort of limitation on German surface ships and penalty (rough seas ish) on u-boats would be a good idea.

The issue is to be fair then there would have to be a limitation on Allied ships in the Med. Gamer would put overwhelming number of Brit ships in the Med which wouldn't be historically viable or fair either.

There should also be a limitation on how much of the Italian Navy can leave the Med.

Mithrilotter -> RE: Gibraltar (9/5/2019 12:34:01 AM)

I recall in Beta testing that Bill said that Spain was Axis friendly. Franco allowed German agents to set up infrared detectors in Spanish Morocco that could tell when Allied ships were in the area. Those German agents would then radio Axis ships when it was safe to pass through.

Markiss -> RE: Gibraltar (9/17/2019 3:48:33 PM)

I recently discovered that the Axis does not actually have to use the transit hexes to go through the strait. If the Axis bombard the lower port at Gibraltar to a strength of 0(which is very easy since it only starts as a 5), Axis warships may transit the straight freely.

I wonder if this is working as intended, since once the Axis player realizes this, Gibraltar really is no obstacle. I always thought you had to take the Gibraltar hex itself, which is much more difficult than just bombarding a port, in order to control the strait. But in the game I am playing, my opponent has done this several times, so it obviously works. On the replay, it looks like the warships are actually traveling through the port hex once it is damaged.

Why damaging the port facilities, instead of the fortress itself, would make it easier for an enemy warship to transit the strait, is a mystery, but it is so.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Gibraltar (9/17/2019 4:29:44 PM)

Yes this is indeed working as intended, and it works for ports as the port is what physically occupies the sea hex in game.

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