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DismalPseudoscience -> New Scenario for Testing: Greenland, 2030 (8/28/2019 5:09:17 AM)

Greetings, commanders!

Here's a new science-fiction-y scenario inspired by a territory which has been in the news a bit lately.

In a world destroyed by global warming, you command a band of wandering "seasteaders" as they attempt to settle in Greenland. Their equipment is an eclectic mix of converted civilian vessels, and they face off against the Danish navy.

I hope you enjoy it; please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, or catch any bugs!


The battle to stem the rising tide of climate change has been lost.

Fleeing the collapse of land-based civilization, a band of "Seasteaders" have taken to the waves to live free from the terrestrial autocrats who dominate the remaining cropland.

Backed by no government, they roam the ocean in source of the resources needed to keep their small fleet running.

If their wandering is ever to end, they must claim territory - by force, if necessary.

From far to the north, stories tell of a green and verdant land they might settle, made temperate by the heating of the earth's atmosphere. But it is jealously guarded...

Edit: 9.14.19 @ 7:30am ET
Uploaded a slightly edited version correcting the magazine bug that Ancalagon found

burning_phoneix -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Greenland, 2030 (9/1/2019 8:07:17 PM)

OK wow this is more difficult than it first appears. That jamming really leaves your Freestyles with one hand tied behind their back and the USVs lack of air to air missiles really leaves them exposed. I need to give this more time and thought

DismalPseudoscience -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Greenland, 2030 (9/4/2019 12:50:45 PM)

Hi burning_phoneix,

Any luck with other tactics yet? Hope you're enjoying the mission.

Is there anything in the scenario that isn't working or you think could be more interesting / better?

I think the most challenging part of the mission is probably the very beginning. In my testing, it seemed like the best way to get past the first Danish frigate was to create a diversion to draw off / deplete the CAP and then hit it with a sneaky Klub/Kalibr shot. Once it is gone, you can probably overwhelm the CAP with UCAVs and hit the airfield.

sarjen -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Greenland, 2030 (9/5/2019 1:06:35 PM)

Interesting scenario. I think the starting point of the playerunits should be a bit further away from the enemy. So you can maneuver better. Last playthrough was total disaster because my UAV carrier got with the first hit "out of comms" ....

Ancalagon451 -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Greenland, 2030 (9/6/2019 11:37:20 AM)

I played it tonight, and it was a pleasant surprise.

The (bad) Sci-Fi premise made me a little wary but the escenario worked extremely well as a small scale high-tech limited resources amphibious assault.

The range limitation for the UCAVs was a PITA (as intended) and forced me to close the whole fleet to the coast (no way I'm leaving the drone-carrier without air-defence) much more than I intended.

The fiords played to my advantage and I made several low level Star-Wars style runs with Apache choppers against enemy ships to great effect.

The only "bug" I found was due to the lack of a magazine in the Harvest Hive.

On arrival of an air unit to base, Command evalues if there are enough munitions for a rearm by dropping all remaining external stores of the plane in the base/carrier magazine. Then checks if there is enough stuff onboard to maintain the same loadout. If there is, then removes all the needed things from the magazine and starts the ready coundown for the plane. Otherwise switches the loadout to Reserve and gives the player a warning message.

Due to that metodology, the lack of a magazine in the mothership, makes the surveillance/ECM equipped drones to lose their loadout and being switched to reserve when returning to base. An armed drone returning with unused munitions suffers the same issue. Of course since there isn't a magazine, the player can't manually switch them back to any other loadout and the sensors/munitions are effectively lost.

Just adding a magazine compatible with the UCAV loadouts, is enough to solve it.

Other than that, the scenario worked without fuss and was great fun to play, thank you for your work.


DismalPseudoscience -> RE: New Scenario for Testing: Greenland, 2030 (9/14/2019 11:44:10 AM)

Thank you to everyone who played through it! Appreciate the feedback.

Ancalagon - thanks for catching that magazine bug and the detailed feedback; I've uploaded a corrected version that should fix that.

sarjen - I think I understand the issue, but more sea-room will also put your UCAVs further out of range of the enemy airbase, so it is a bit of a tradeoff. As currently designed, it really does reward / prioritize closing with the enemy fast, but I might come back to this and tinker with that later, though.

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