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kevinkins -> Updating AB (8/24/2019 2:03:27 PM)

I have version 1.0 from November '18 i.e. the release version.

Can the most recent update v1.031 be loaded over my original version that I got when the game was released? Or do I need to apply the each update prior to this one first.

Where do I find the player's current version number within the game? I see patch notes on the game menu. Is that the place?

Over at My page section there are two d/ls for: [PC] Update v1.031. Are these two functionally the same? I d/led the top one in the list. What is the next step? No instructions in the zip file.

Been away from the game since early Jan and don't want to screw up my installation.



Veitikka -> RE: Updating AB (8/24/2019 2:21:01 PM)

Only the most recent patch is needed to update all game versions. The version number is shown in the top-left corner of the game splash screen.

I don't know about the download page because I've never tried it, but the updater is an .exe file that needs to be run, and it gives the further instructions.

kevinkins -> RE: Updating AB (8/24/2019 2:52:05 PM)

Thanks ... will give it a try later today.


Up on the latest version.


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