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Dili -> Creating ship sides (8/23/2019 9:11:50 PM)

Surprised by how well using just photos work for hull shading. Side pictures photos obviously but does need to be perfect.

Korvar -> RE: Creating ship sides (8/25/2019 3:16:23 PM)

If you can't find a usable picture for a particular ship, the burn/dodge tools in Photoshop work really well to do shading and highlighting for unit art. If you do not have access to Photoshop, the free image editor GIMP should also have equivalent tools. I don't use GIMP often enough to remember what they're called at the moment (a quick Google search revealed GIMP uses the same names).

With either program, the trick is to make a duplicate layer of your un-shaded artwork before attempting any shading work. It is a trial and error process to get the hang of it, so you will want an easy way to revert back to the original image (i.e. delete the duplicate and make another). Also, you can use a photograph of any ship which has a hull roughly shaped like your subject ship. The angle doesn't have to be perfect, either; obviously, the closer to perpendicular you can get, the better.

Dili -> RE: Creating ship sides (8/25/2019 3:25:43 PM)

Yeah i have also found the burn tool but i prefer to paint black it can be reused. I make lots of collages, If i see the a bow or a stern i have made is good for another ship i just copy and paste.

I am now trying to find a good way to convert perspective photos to side/orthographic photos, what i want is to draw a rectangle following the ship perspective in the photo then the program "rotates" to orthogonal increasing the height up to the front size height of rectangle and proportionally also the length of the ship

Korvar -> RE: Creating ship sides (8/26/2019 5:02:51 AM)

Photoshop is capable of 'warping' the perspective of images, but it will only get you so far. If you have an image which is 5 degrees off from a straight side view of the ship, you probably stand a decent chance to adjust the perspective without too much distortion.

If, on the other hand, you have an image 45 degrees off the bow, then warping that image to a side view will result in severe distortions. The detail in the superstructure just isn't there to reveal, and so you'll find that things will be missing and others stretched out of proportion. You may have better luck with the hull itself, since it tends to be a relatively uniform surface compared to all the 'nooks and crannies' of the superstructure.

If you're not already, you should also try using ShipBucket to see if your subject ship has been drawn there. They have strict standards as to how the ships are drawn to scale, and thus can serve as great reference material. Even if they do not have the exact ship you desire, sometimes there will be another close enough to be used as a starting point to modify to what you want.

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