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bladesinger79 -> ASW issue (8/20/2019 2:16:40 AM)

Ok. So, I played a standalone scenario, the Advanced ASW Tutorial one. I, heheh. Spotted a number of"GOBLIN" contacts. On a few such contacts, I, heheh...dropped about 16 passive sonobuoys, 4 active sonobuoys, and have two helos hover in place with dipped sonars. In no time at all, a bit edgy and launched about 7, no 8 ordinances at the hostile contact. After about 6 misses, I finally killed it. HAAAAAAA! What did I kill? A pod of tuna!!!!!


Heheh. Sooooooooo, just wondering why did the developers implement bios into the game? Is there a way to positively confirm a GOBLIN contact is a bunch of wildlife without being relieved of command for wasting time and weapons on fish (before getting torpedoed by that sub I didn't spot)? Hahaha. HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

I love this game...

Primarchx -> RE: ASW issue (8/20/2019 2:26:25 AM)

The Brits dropped a bunch of ASW ord in the Falklands War and didn't hit a single Argie sub with it (well, other than Santa Fe, and that was not quite real ASW). Lots of dead whales in the South Atlantic back then.

BTW, just found this doc ...

Whicker -> RE: ASW issue (8/20/2019 2:45:39 AM)

you can eventually identify bios as bios - it just takes time to classify them. It usually doesn't take long - but maybe the stuff you have is not so good at it? modern equipment seems to sort it out pretty quick.

If there were no bios or false contacts it would make it so every underwater contact you found was a sub - much more fun/realistic when there is some mystery involved.

DWReese -> RE: ASW issue (8/20/2019 3:04:32 AM)

In my opinion, you aren't being patient enough. The units will move around and analyze the data and they usually will be able to come to the conclusion that the contact is NOT a sub, therefore there is no need to attack it.

But, in your haste, you probably spent close to $1M in ordinance killing fish. In reality, these platforms are limited with the amount of ordinance that they can carry, so they have to be a little frugal when expending it.

I believe that if you think of this as more of a simulation, as opposed to a 'shoot 'em up' video game, you will probably appreciate the effort that the developers have placed into this piece of software. This is by no means meant to be an indictment on you, or your play method. Obviously, you can play any way that you like--whatever gives you the most pleasure is fine because the game belongs to you. But, I sincerely believe that the best method, if you were looking for one, would be to approach it more as a simulation rather than a video game.

That's just my opinion.


apache85 -> RE: ASW issue (8/20/2019 4:35:22 AM)


If there were no bios or false contacts it would make it so every underwater contact you found was a sub - much more fun/realistic when there is some mystery involved.

This is the primary reason I incorporate randomised biologic contacts into my scenarios.

The other is to add some variation in playthroughs due to the effects of sonar masking (i.e. when a noisier contact is on the same bearing as a quieter one, the quieter one is less likely to be detected)

Of course it's up to the scenario designer. If they want to simulate a crack ASW team who won't bother you with spurious reports, then they can simply not put any false contacts in the scenario.

bladesinger79 -> RE: ASW issue (8/20/2019 11:17:17 AM)

That's what happened, I got a bit edgy because the contacts were close to my surface group and started blazing away. I'm still laughing at how I killed more fish than the enemy. Hahahahahahaha.

The scenario used 70's equipment, so I'll go along with that as an acceptable excuse for the inability to tell the difference between subs from sushi. Had this been a real situation, I would have been relieved of command. Wondering if anyone else made this mistake their first time at an ASW mission. If not, I gave the community something to chuckle at!

It was fun. Looking forward to more false alarms. The only simulation game I enjoy more is Steel Beasts Pro PE.

CV60 -> RE: ASW issue (8/20/2019 1:56:18 PM)

ASW is even harder in the littorals. The noise levels, the number of uncharted wrecks, etc provide a lot of false contacts.

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