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PN79 -> Czechoslovak Tanks (8/18/2019 4:58:43 PM)


I will try here to write list of tanks in Czechoslovak army as it fits in the game.

- service entry in ww2 (domestic production from 1951)
- in active service to early 1970s
- stored for mobilization units till 1988
- still in storage but no longer planned to be used till early 1990s (waiting for scrapping)
- only modernization was installation of new radios at some point with possible crew reduction to four (unclear)
- ammo used:
HE (85-JO) - probably copy of soviet UO-365K
AP (85-JPSv) - domestic round, unknown penetration, muzzle velocity 800 m/s, round weight 15,9 kg, round length 920 mm, projectile weight 9,2 kg, projectile length 325 mm
AP (UBR-365) - soviet
AP (UBR-365K) - soviet
HVAP (85-JPpSv) - copy of UBR-365P

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (8/18/2019 5:15:21 PM)

- service entry 1957/1958
- modernized to T-54AM from late 1960s, basic T-54A no longer in army in late 1970s

- new built from 1961 with deep fording ability
- may be some were also modernized to T-54AM from late 1960s but not all
- probably not in active service from mid 1970s but still stored during 1980s
- scrapped in early 1990s

- modernization of T-54A and possibly also T-54AR to T-55A level
- modernization started in 1968 but I don't know if the first ones were ready already in 1968
- in active service to early 1990s then scrapped

- modernization of T-54AM with KLADIVO FCS
- service entry probably in 1983
- in service to early 2000s

- modernization of T-54AM with KLADIVO FCS, additional armor and further minor upgrades
- service entry probably in 1987
- in service to early 2000s

- modernization of T-54AM with BASTION ATGM system, KLADIVO FCS, additional armor and further minor upgrades
- service entry probably in 1989/1990
- in service to early 2000s

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (8/18/2019 5:28:00 PM)

- service entry probably 1965 (production from 1964)
- during service upgraded to T-55A level
- still written in book in 1980s but probably already on T-55A level

- service entry in 1968 (production from 1967)
- in active service to early 1990s then scrapped or sold

- modernization with KLADIVO FCS, possibly both original T-55 and T-55A were modernized
- service entry probably 1983 (but may be later as the first modernized tanks seems to be T-54)
- in service to early 2000s

- modernization with KLADIVO FCS, additional armor and further minor upgrades
- service entry probably in 1987
- in service to early 2000s

- modernization with BASTION ATGM system, KLADIVO FCS, additional armor and further minor upgrades
- service entry probably in 1989/1990
- in service to early 2000s

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (8/18/2019 5:30:31 PM)

General note: T-54AM is practically same as T-55A in all tactical details, T-54AM1/AM2/AM2B are similarly same as T-55AM1/AM2/AM2B.

100 mm ammunition:
HE (100-JOF) - I don't know if it is domestic round or copy of soviet one

AP (100-JPSv) - probably copy of UBR-412D

HEAT (100-JPrSv) - domestic round, significantly different from 3UBK-4 (3BK-5), available probably from 1961, muzzle velocity 950 m/s, penetration 300 mm

APFSDS (100-JPpSv) - copy of 3UBM-8 (3BM-20), unclear when available but it was main AT round for T-54/55AM1/2 so probably early 1980s

possible AP in service was also UBR-412B (BR-412B) for czechoslovak SU-100 but not mentioned with T-54

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (8/18/2019 5:53:56 PM)

- soviet produced with optical rangefinder
- from 1978, used for evaluation and training
- scrapped early 1990s
- sometime designated "T-72 sov"

T-72 (actualy early T-72M without smoke grenade launchers)
- czechoslovak produced, service entry 1981
- still in service post 2000

T-72M (late T-72M with smoke grenade launchers)
- service entry 1985
- still in service post 2000

- actual service entry 1987 (the first one taken over by army in 1986 but units got them in 1987)
- still in service post 2000

125 mm ammunition:
HE (125-EOF) - possible copy of soviet one
APFSDS (125-EPpSv) - probably copy of 3VBM-7 (3BM-15)
HEAT (125-EPrSv) - probably copy of 3VBK-10M (3BK-14M)

Possibly also 3VBM-3 (3BM-9), 3VBM-6 (3BM-12), variants of 3VBK-7/M/10 (3BK-12/M/14) were delivered from the USSR. Czechoslovakia has tried to develop domestic DU round in late 1980s but it was unfinished.

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (8/18/2019 5:58:17 PM)

Command tanks on battalion level and higher were:
T-54/55AM1/AM2-K (modernization of older tanks)
T-72K (just one tank)
T-72MK (based on late T-72M)

nikolas93TS -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (8/19/2019 12:43:18 PM)

Hi PN79, thank you very much for this data, I will update the Google sheet as soon as possible.

Do you have any information about 12.7mm AAMG on Czechoslovak T-55s? Soviets re-introduced those on their tanks in early 1970s with advent of anti-tank helicopters, and just like laser range-finder few years later, such modifications went without own designation.

Also, no HEAT for T-34-85? Combat loads (if available) are always welcome, otherwise Soviet standards are used.

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (8/19/2019 8:08:01 PM)

Original T-55 and early T-55A were without AAMG and also had SGMT coaxial machinegun. I don't know when it was changed but T-55A produced in second half of 1970s had AAMG and PKT coaxial machinegun. Czechoslovak army was receiving T-55A in relatively small batches (contrary to previous large continuous orders for T-54A/AR and T-55) through whole period of production including T-55A produced in 1980. So all modifications ended in the army. During repairs were older tanks modified to new standard and sometimes received AAMG. During modernization to T-54/55AM1 all tanks received AAMG (previously also some T-54 were missing it).

There was no 85 mm HEAT round nor I have any information about any effort to obtain new 85mm rounds after introduction of 85-JPSv which replaced soviet AP rounds in service.

Regarding combat loads I have only this information: T-54/55AM1/AM2 carry 38 rounds - 18x HE, 4x AP, 10x APFSDS, 6x HEAT (100-JOF/JPSv/JPpSv/JPrSv).

T-54A/AR carry 34 rounds. T-55 carry 37 rounds. T-54AM and T-55A carry same amount of rounds - 43. T-72 "sov" and T-72 have 39 rounds. T-72M and T-72M1 have 44 rounds.

nikolas93TS -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (9/12/2019 10:52:16 AM)

Spreadsheet updated. Thank you!

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (9/13/2019 8:11:38 PM)

Hello, some clarifications for the spreadsheet:

T-54AR - they were still listed in 1980s in storage for mobilization units (i.e. not modernized to T-54AM)
T-54AM - some had AAMG from the start, kept it from original T-54A (but may be not so relevant in game terms)

T-72 which were imported from the USSR (30x basic T-72, 1x T-72K) were for the whole period used as training vehicles, if they stay in game they should get 3VBM-3 (3BM-9) and 3VBK-7 (3BK-12) to represent their role
T-72 produced in Czechoslovakia had laser rangefinder - in Soviet designation system they are actually T-72M, early ones
T-72M these had also continuous side skirts

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (9/13/2019 8:26:11 PM)

Regarding tank organisation, standard was tank platoon with 3 tanks, tank company with 3 platoons and 1 standard tank for company commander. Tank battalion had 1 tank in command variant and 3 tank companies. This was same for whole period in game for all tank regiments (both in tank divisions and in motorized rifle divisions).

Exception were active tank battalions with T-34-85 where 2 tank companies has T-34 and the third company had SU-100. I don't know if such organization was kept also for mobilization units or changed to 3 tank companies with T-34.

There was also one tank company (10 tanks) in divisional recon battalions up to around 1975 reorganization where these tank companies were removed from recon units. From that time recon units were without organic tank units.

1975 reorganization brought also tank platoons with 4 tanks, i.e. 13 tanks in tank company, i.e. 40 tanks in tank battalion. These battalions were in motorized rifle regiments and they got tanks from disbanded recon tank companies and disbanded divisional independent tank battalions.

nikolas93TS -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (9/14/2019 10:31:52 AM)

Since T-54AR is virtually identical to T-54A in game terms (for now) maybe it won't appear at all, although that is usually decided when work on faction has commenced.

Did ČSLA use PT-76?

PN79 -> RE: Czechoslovak Tanks (9/14/2019 5:18:56 PM)

T-54AR - I understand that it needs to be adjusted for the game.

PT-76 was not adopted, only 1 was bought for testing.

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