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For the last week Iran captured a total of 4 tankers in violation of international law followed by heavy harassment of shipping in the gulf by IRGC and Iranian navy vessels.

Early today two oil tankers bound to KSA and one tanker bound to UAE - All in very close proximity - were damaged by explosions after being boarded by unknown assailants, followed by Iranian forces capturing 4 tankers, 1 of them american, and executing 6 crewmembers. Reportedly one of the executed is an american citizen.

The United States issued an ultimatum demanding all ships and their crew be safely repatriated immediately and that Iran ceases to harass traffic through the Persian gulf.

Iran rejected the ultimatum and responded with one of its own: That the US lifts all sanctions related to the Iranian Nuclear Program and ballistic missile program, full israeli withdraw from occupied territories and removal of all US forces still left in Iraq.

Later that day the Freedom Carrier Group received a message from CONUS...

SIDE: Iran

12x F-14A Tomcat [F-14AM]
7x P-3F Orion
48x F-7N Airguard
4x D 61 Babr [Gearing FRAM II]
3x F 71 Alvand [Saam, Vosper Mk5]
4x P 224 Sina [Kaman Mod, La Combattante II]
38x IPS-18 Tir
24x C-14 China-Cat [MLRS]
42x Toragh [Boghammar Mod]
24x C-14 China-Cat [SSM]
42x F-5E Tiger II
27x SH-3D Sea King [ASH-3D]
15x Vehicle (Chop Rest)
15x Vehicle (Gin Sling B [ZD-2(B)])
90x HQ-2b Guideline Single Rail
96x 35mm Twin Oerlikon [UAR-1021 Skyguard FCR]
51x Vehicle (UAR-1021 Skyguard)
5x Radar (AN/TPS-70)
2x F 76 Jamaran [Moudge Class]
8x Platform [Class C, 50000t]
23x Platform [Class C, 50000t]
4x Radar (China Type 408C)
120x F-4E Phantom II
4x SA-6a Gainful [2P25] TEL
1x Vehicle (Straight Flush [1S91])
56x C-802 Triple
14x Vehicle (China Type 352 Square Tie)
1x Radar (Spoon Rest D [P-18])
1x Radar (Thin Skin B HF [PRV-16])
2x Bunker (ELINT Station)
1x AvGas (75k Liter Tank)
1x Building (Control Tower)
3x Diesel (150k Liter Tank)
1x Structure (Pier [Medium, 17.1-25m])
28x Vehicle (PAR [Mersad Upgrade])
58x Vehicle (HPI [Mersad Upgrade])
28x Vehicle (CWAR [Mersad Upgrade])
10x Radar (Long Track [P-40])
163x M192 I-HAWK [Mersad Upgrade]
8x Bunker (Medium C3M)
1x Building (Small)
32x Building (Large)
1x Building (Guard post)
1x Ammo Pad
6x Ammo Shelter
1x Bunker (Comm Center)
1x Building (Airport Terminal)
1x Radar (Sepehr OTH-B)
1x Structure (Pier [Extra Large, 200-500m])
5x Radar (China JY-14 Great Wall)
12x SA-5c Gammon Single Rail
1x Radar (Ghadir OTH-B)
36x Mirage F.1EQ-6
32x Vehicle (YZ-3 Search Radar)
64x YZ-3 Shahab Thaqeb [Ya Zahra-3] TEL
27x SA-15d Gauntlet [9A331MK/9A332] TELAR
3x Building (Bar Lock C [P-37])
3x Building (Square Pair [5N62])
9x HY-2 Single
8x SA-20b Gargoyle [5P85SE] TEL
2x Vehicle (Cheese Board [96L6E])
2x Vehicle (Tombstone [30N6E])
6x Misagh-2 MANPADS
8x NSWTU Pacific [Ex-Wimbrown VII]
3x NSWTU Atlantic [Ex-Hercules]
16x Structure (Industrial Plant)
6x 9xx Fateh
3x Structure (Naval Dock)
1x Structure (Pier [Very Large, 45.1-200m])
16x Building (Medium)
1x Radar (1L119 Nebo SVU)
1x D 51 Damavand [Artemiz Class]
3x Diesel (750k Liter Tank)
6x Diesel (75k Liter Tank)
5x Diesel (400k Liter Tank)
3x Diesel (40k Liter Tank)
1x 901 Tareq [PL-877EKM Kilo]
30x MiG-29 Fulcrum A
3x Il-76MD Candid B [Simorgh, Ex-Baghdad-2/Adnan AEW]
3x KC-25A [Boeing 747-100, KC-747]
12x Boeing 707-3J9C Boom/Drogue Tanker
2x Building (Very Large)
1x Bunker (Large C3M)
1x Building (Reactor)

48x SA-20b Gargoyle [48N6E2]
459x YZ-3 Shahab Thaqeb [Ya Zahra-3]
16x 114mm/55 Mk8 HE(MP) HE
29x 35mm/90 Twin Frag Burst [20 rnds]
12x Corvus Chaff [Distraction]
12x Corvus Chaff [Seduction]
22x 40mm/70 Single Bofors Burst [4 rnds]
7x 76mm/62 Compact HE Burst [4 rnds]
13x SA-5c Gammon [5V28M5]
570x 35mm Twin Oerlikon Burst [20 rnds, UAR-1021 Skyguard]
8x RIM-66A SM-1MR Blk IV
60x 25mm/60 Twin Burst [20 rnds]
7x HQ-2b Guideline
542x MIM-23B I-HAWK [Shahin Mod, Mersad Upgrade]
270x Generic Chaff Salvo [5x Cartridges]
142x AIM-7E2 Sparrow III
47x AIM-7E4 Sparrow III
28x AIM-23C I-HAWK [Sejil]
170x SA-15b Gauntlet [9M331]
65x AIM-9N Sidewinder
45x 20mm/85 M61A1 Vulcan Burst [100 rnds]
9x 30mm DEFA 553 x 2 Burst [50 rnds]
4x R.550 Magic 1
2x Generic Acoustic Decoy
2x PL-7 [R.550 Magic 1]
13x Generic Flare Salvo [3x Cartridges, Single Spectral]
23x AA-10 Alamo A [R-27R, MR SARH]
14x AA-11 Archer [R-73]
3x AA-8 Aphid [R-60M]


2x RQ-4B Global Hawk Blk 40 UAV
5x F-16F Blk 60 Desert Falcon
2x F-16E Blk 60 Desert Falcon
2x F/A-18F Super Hornet
2x KC-10A Extender
6x F/A-18D Hornet
8x F/A-18C Hornet
3x F-35B Lightning II
2x F-22A Raptor

368x RGM-109E Tomahawk Blk IV TACTOM
24x RGM-84D Harpoon IC
8x Otomat Mk2 Mod IV
533x AIM-120D AMRAAM P3I.4
8x MM.40 Exocet Blk III
28x AGM-84G Harpoon ICR
8x RGM-84L Harpoon II
236x AGM-88C HARM
101x AGM-65F Maverick IR
95x Generic Chaff Salvo [5x Cartridges]
66x AGM-65G Maverick IR
5x AN/ALE-50 [RT-1646/ALE]
98x AGM-84N Harpoon II+
51x Martlet [FASGW(L) / LMM]
63x AGM-114M Hellfire II
33x 12.7mm/72 Burst [20 rnds]
81x GBU-32(V)2/B JDAM [Mk83]
72x GBU-31(V)3/B JDAM [BLU-109/B]
25x RIM-174A-2 ERAM SM-6MR Blk IA [Dual I]
8x MM.40 Exocet Blk II
6x RUM-139B VLA [Mk46 Mod 5A(SW)]
8x Mk54 LHT Mod 0
5x RUM-139C VLA [Mk54]
2x RIM-66M-2 SM-2MR Blk IIIA
16x RGM-109C Tomahawk Blk III TLAM-C
6x RGM-84G Harpoon ICR
20x ADM-141C ITALD [Active RF]
32x GBU-31(V)4/B JDAM [BLU-109A/B]
128x GBU-39/B SDB
40x GBU-24A/B Paveway III LGB [BLU-109/B]
30x AGM-154A JSOW [145 x BLU-97/B Dual Purpose]
20x SSQ-926 ALFEA
1x MU-90 Impact
4x Marte Mk2/S
12x Mk84 2000lb LDGP
24x Generic Flare Salvo [3x Cartridges, Dual Spectral]
3x AIM-9S Sidewinder
42x AIM-9X Sidewinder
5x AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Blk II
5x 20mm/85 M61A2 Vulcan Burst [100 rnds]
13x TSM 8050B Active RO
20x GBU-54(V)2/B LJDAM [Mk82]
3x Mk54 HAAWC Mod 0
8x TSM 8062 DIFAR
24x AGM-158C LRASM
16x MdCN [Naval SCALP EG]
4x GBU-32(V)1/B JDAM [Mk83]
1x Anti-torpedo Torpedo [Countermeasure Anti-Torpedo]
2x Generic Chaff Salvo [8x Cartridges]
24x Mk82 500lb LDGP

SIDE: Civilian

4x False Contact (Medium)
1x Biologic Fish School



03.07.2019 14:38: Score changed from 460 to 461. Reason: Event Action: 'USN +1' has been fired (part of Event: 'Iranian MVT Destroyed')

03.07.2019 14:39: Score changed from 461 to 462. Reason: Event Action: 'USN +1' has been fired (part of Event: 'Iranian MVT Destroyed')

03.07.2019 14:40: Score changed from 462 to 463. Reason: Event Action: 'USN +1' has been fired (part of Event: 'Iranian MVT Destroyed')

03.07.2019 15:30: Score changed from 463 to 464. Reason: Event Action: 'USN +1' has been fired (part of Event: 'Iranian MVT Destroyed')

03.07.2019 15:30: Score changed from 464 to 465. Reason: Event Action: 'USN +1' has been fired (part of Event: 'Iranian MVT Destroyed')

03.07.2019 15:30: Score changed from 465 to 466. Reason: Event Action: 'USN +1' has been fired (part of Event: 'Iranian MVT Destroyed')

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