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larryfulkerson -> space bar inop? (8/12/2019 11:56:34 PM)

I can't seem to get the spacebar to let me see the terrain underneath the units. I'm thinking it's the scenario. I've zipped it up and attached it below to allow anyone at all to see if their machine will allow the space bar to make the units disppear.

larryfulkerson -> RE: space bar inop? (8/13/2019 3:12:21 AM)

Never mind. I upgraded W10 to ver. 1903 and all of a sudden the space bar works like it's supposed to. Go figure.

tcarusil -> RE: space bar inop? (8/13/2019 5:13:55 PM)

That's got to be a first. A W10 upgrade solving a problem instead of creating one.


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