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22sec -> Bolt In The BAOR Sector (Alpha_ (8/8/2019 12:50:32 AM)

Early version of a scenario I created while taking advantage of the new Mission Editor and its features. Basic premise is the standard surprise Soviet attack launched from the blue meeting engagement. You can play as the Soviets, commanding a lead battalion with supporting recon elements, or a British battlegroup.

I have not finished (or started) the scenario description, but everything else is ready to go. I will revise once I get around to finishing description.

***One Major Note*** YOU HAVE TO HAVE MY GOSLAR MAP!!!

Lowlaner2012 -> RE: Bolt In The BAOR Sector (Alpha_ (8/10/2019 8:11:05 AM)

This looks good, I have generated a few missions on your map, I'll try this tonight..


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