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Shannon V. OKeets -> Hot Patch 03 00 03 00 (8/6/2019 3:53:56 AM)

Attached is a Hot Patch version You should only use this if you are already running version or higher.

Included in the zipped file is a replacement MWIF.exe and the Release Notes for this version.


Release Notes for Version
(changes since

All Modes of Play

1. Enabled a territorial unit from a Commonwealth member nation (e.g., India) to stack with a territorial from a minor country aligned with the Commonwealth (e.g., Burma).

2. Added a check to avoid a fatal error in Production Planning when a build point is no longer capable of being delivered to the receiving major power.

3. Fixed a problem in supply where the program went into an infinite loop trying to find tertiary overland supply for aligned minor country capitals.


4. Fixed a couple of problems with the program freezing during air-to-air combat after rolling the dice for the first air combat result.

5. Fixed a problem in air-to-air combat where the program was halting after the result of the first die roll (from the defender) was processed.

6. Added a check to avoid a non-fatal error that could occur at various times..

EDIT: By the way, Slitherine has fixed the problem with creating New Seeking Opponent Posts on the Private NetPlay Forum. That all seems to work correctly (once again). You don't need to install any MWIF.exe Hot Patches to make use of those corrections.

CanInf -> RE: Hot Patch 03 00 03 00 (8/6/2019 7:17:41 PM)

thanks!!I want to start up a new head to head, so this will get things going on the right foot!

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