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Fido81 -> Mark All Contacts of a Side in Game (8/2/2019 2:36:29 AM)

Is it possible to mark all contacts of a side as hostile/neutral/etc in the game, without using scenario editor features?

I keep on accidentally marking all units of a side as hostile when I add targets to strike missions when (but don't want to attack all units of the side the target belongs to), and at this point I think it's the leading cause of me quitting scenarios before they're concluded. It's a pain to remark all contacts non-hostile, and even when I do that successfully, my intended ROE aren't properly implemented when new contacts are identified as belonging to that side.

Scorpion86 -> RE: Mark All Contacts of a Side in Game (8/2/2019 6:46:24 PM)

If you attack a unit, it's side will consider you hostile. And if you attack a unit, obviously you consider it's side hostile. So of course, when you attack a unit, other units from it's side will be considered as hostile. Because of course they are, you just attack one of their units!

I'm not a dev, but I'd consider it as Working As Designed.

Why do you want units not to be considered hostile? If it is because you don't want your units attacking them? That can be done by setting their ROE to Hold, that way they will only fire when you manually tell them to. If you don't want to have friendly units straying into enemy airspace, you can set up patrols with prosecution zones. There are lots of ways to fry an egg...

Fido81 -> RE: Mark All Contacts of a Side in Game (8/2/2019 11:05:15 PM)

I want to know if this is possible because in the Steam scenario "Bloody Nose" (I can't link to it because I don't have enough posts) the scenario ROE instructions are to only consider units firing on mine to be hostile - everything else is just marked unfriendly when its side is identified. However, there are several facilities belonging to the same unfriendly side that the scenario briefing specifically instructs me to destroy.

If CMANO is Working As Designed here, the scenario makes no sense. Moreover, in the scenario editor, there would be no "collective responsibility" setting. It's possible for scenario creators to make a design decision about whether there should be collective responsibility for a side. Is it possible for scenario players to do the same thing?

Whicker -> RE: Mark All Contacts of a Side in Game (8/3/2019 12:42:40 AM)

when I accidentally mark a side as hostile like that (by adding an unfriendly unit to a strike mission) I can undo it by setting it back to unfriendly - and all that side will change to that setting.

Only time this happens to me is before a war breaks out and I am just setting some stuff up in advance. Other than that it doesn't much happen.

Kind of sounds like you need to be on weapons HOLD so you don't fire on the other units, I guess the designer intends for you to control every unit directly?

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