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HannoMeier -> Hotseat Multiplayer - Repeatable Bug (7/31/2019 10:22:58 AM)

Dear Hubert & Bill,
thanks for the introduction of Hotseat Multiplayer. We started a 3 Player MP game, which now allows for all 3 players to see the replays.

But there is currently a large (repeatable) Bug. The Bug occurs right in turn 1 and we do not know if it occurs also later.

When starting the hotseat game, the Axis sets ist Password and makes its moves.
Then (after pressing end turn) the Passwort box for the Allies comes up and the Axis presses cancel.
Now the finished turn is saved in the autosave file which is mailed to the Allies.

Now the Bug:
The Allies open the first turn and can make their moves. After Pressing End Turn they get the End of Turn diplomatic Options (Enter India and USA supports China). The Bug is: The Allies did not get their beginning of the turn diplomatic Options (BEF and Enter Eastern Poland). These two beginning of the turn diplomatic choices do not come up. We tried it several times.
Could you please check into this and fix it to make the hotseat MP fully functional?

As a cross check: When in the first turn the Axis finishes his moves, press end Turn and then also enter a new Passwort for the Allies he gets the 2 diplo choices in the beginning and the 2 diplo choices in the end.

Let me know if you need further description - but the bug is repeatable.

Thanks for looking into this

Hubert Cater -> RE: Hotseat Multiplayer - Repeatable Bug (7/31/2019 1:26:41 PM)

Hi HannoMeier,

Thanks for the report and unfortunately there is a bug, and only for Hotseat games, where the beginning of turn DECISION events is not firing. We hope to have this resolved and patched soon.

Apologies for this,

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