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Rommel62 -> Client Mismatch? (7/30/2019 10:46:29 AM)

Have a problem this morning. I have been playing a game of version 1.03 since it came out. Went to load turn this morning, and am getting a message that PBEM++ online server requires 1.03.... Please update it. The patch update app tells me ( correctly) that Im running the latest version already. I redownloaded the 1.03 patch manually, reran it, and that didn't solve it. Any ideas??

Kriegsspieler -> RE: Client Mismatch? (7/30/2019 10:53:49 AM)

Same problem here. It's odd that Steam downladed a "new" version of the game this morning, since I do not have it set to opt in to beta versions. So it should have remained at 1.03.

smckechnie -> RE: Client Mismatch? (7/30/2019 11:06:10 AM)

I am getting the same error message this morning. Can't play either of my games. When I look at the front page screen of my game it says version 1.03. Not sure what is going on.

Mercutio -> RE: Client Mismatch? (7/30/2019 11:17:07 AM)


smckechnie -> RE: Client Mismatch? (7/30/2019 11:20:28 AM)

Looks like they may have added a version 1.04 patch? Steam automatically uploaded and now we are incompatible on current games?

Not sure though.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Client Mismatch? (7/30/2019 12:21:35 PM)

Please try now, the PBEM++ server version should now be corrected.

Rommel62 -> RE: Client Mismatch? (7/30/2019 12:23:37 PM)

All good now!! Thanks!!!

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