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Tailhook -> [RESOLVED - OLD DB] CEC Problem (7/28/2019 7:56:04 PM)

In the attached scenario (from Chains of War) I'm using a pair of F-35s to snipe some high value Chinese assets. Green Knight #1 has turned it's radar on achieved weapons quality tracks on both the IL-78 (just launched on) as well as the A-50 to it's south. Green Knight #2, with it's radar off, however cannot launch on the A-50. Is CEC not working here? I thought the F-35s were capable of supporting each other in this fashion. Additionally, the AN/AAQ-37 EO-DAS sys that it provides Fire Control, but I wasn't able to launch on the targets using contacts tracked by it (I tried this same setup in the editor with just a target and F-35 and the F-35 flew right up to the target never launching).

Primarchx -> RE: CEC Problem (7/28/2019 8:42:56 PM)

F-35Bs all have CEC-capable Link-16 datalinks. They should of been able to support each other. Did you get the message in the weapon allocation pane that a CEC connection was lacking?

Tailhook -> RE: CEC Problem (7/28/2019 9:47:11 PM)

Yes. I tried something similar with a pair of F-35s and F-22s and had the same effect as well.

Tailhook -> RE: CEC Problem (8/2/2019 7:55:14 AM)

Bump and further issues:

The AMRAAM datalink does not seem to be working fighter to fighter. I have yet to try it E-2D to Super Hornet or equivalent asset, but at this point I'm pessimistic. So I feel like CEC is pretty broken right now.

Other issues:
There is something wrong with AMRAAM targeting & loft logic. Long range shots almost ALWAYS overshoot their targets. The issue seems to be when the target starts it's defensive dive, the missile doesn't start it's descent from the loft early. This is not realistic as long as the host aircraft is still providing guidance. Right now even with the launch aircraft still getting a good radar track on the target, the missile does not start it's descent until it activates it's own radar, at which point it has no chance of detecting the target. This would be expected behavior with no datalink, but the launch datalink should still be intact. I have not encountered this issue nearly as badly at medium ranges. But regardless, it's not realistic. I can provide a save but really any modern engagement between an AIM-120D equipped fighter and a maneuverable target at long range should reveal this. I think datalink needs to be fixed, and that seeker activation should be earlier. Additionally, the missile datalink guidance should account for vertical movement, and finally the missile priority should not snap to the first aircraft it sees as long as the launch aircraft has good datalink to the missile and target.

Dimitris -> RE: CEC Problem (8/2/2019 1:04:00 PM)

We'll take a look at all of these, but it would be really useful if each item had its own thread and its own suitable save for investigation. Thanks in advance! [:)]


Primarchx -> RE: CEC Problem (8/2/2019 6:06:20 PM)

Here's a save of a CEC test based on a flight of F-35Bs supported by a Flight III Arleigh Burke, Tico CG, E-2D, and an F-22A. An attack on an enemy a/c flight is allowed when one of the F-35Bs radiates and the other shoots, or if the F-22A radiates and one of the F-35Bs shoot. If the Burke, Tico (both of which indicate they have CEC-capable datalinks) is radiating then the F-35Bs do not get a valid CEC track. Strangely, the E-2D does not appear to have a CEC-capable datalink...

Tailhook -> RE: CEC Problem (8/2/2019 10:03:53 PM)

Weird that yours is working and mine didn't, but I'm having trouble recreating it soooooo who knows what's up. That includes the missile overshoots. I have no idea what is happening. Try my original scenario I guess.

Dimitris -> RE: CEC Problem (8/4/2019 1:55:09 PM)

is this problem persisting in B1009.31.2 ?

Primarchx -> RE: CEC Problem (8/4/2019 6:24:13 PM)

That's what I tested in, as I recall.

Tailhook -> RE: CEC Problem (8/5/2019 4:19:25 AM)


ORIGINAL: Dimitris

is this problem persisting in B1009.31.2 ?

Yes. I'm using Chains of War, Build 1009.31.2.

It's hard to replicate the guidance issue in a standalone test scenario (I tried to build one). But after I said I couldn't recreate it in earlier post, I ran into the issue multiple times in Chains of War. Bottom line is I think the loft logic is better than previous patches (I recall a recent update) but still not perfect. The missiles always tend to want to fly high, and the sensor cone has a hard time picking out a lower target. I think this is because it stops getting data from the guiding aircraft once the radar activates, which isn't true. Alternatively, if the target dives evasive, the missile should dive accordingly earlier, and the antenna seeker should be pointing downwards. Right now it seems like it's too easy to escape the cone of the seeker low, which is possible yes but not as easy as the game dictates, especially over open water.

As for the CEC issue, the scenario above should demo it.

Dimitris -> RE: CEC Problem (8/29/2019 10:45:30 AM)

Okay, I was able to check this now.

The problem is in the database. The scenario uses an older version of the DB (v473), in which the AIM-120D was not explicitly marked as being able to be guided via CEC (that version of the DB predated the introduction of this important change).

I migrated the save to the v478 database, and Green Knight #2 was indeed able to launch his AIM-120D using the CEC link to Green Knight #1.

Meltryllis -> RE: CEC Problem (9/13/2019 5:13:03 AM)

same problem here,the datalink went out once the 120D turns on its active seekers,and then it overshoots targets.I think it's more realistic if the datalink only cut when the 120 can track the target on its own.

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