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el cid again -> armored Fletchers???? (7/23/2019 7:19:46 AM)

It appears that every variant of Fletcher class destroyers in every scenario
of stock has 18 mm of side armor and 12 mm of deck armor.

While it might be appropriate to credit a ship with fictional armor, one could
only do so ethically if ALL ships got the same kind of armor on the same basis.
An example of this practice is RHS submarines. All have side armor = to the
thickness of the pressure hull. This is because all RHS submarines are rated to
penetrate 22 mm of armor. This value was used in designing wartime ASW weapons.
For consistency, every weapon is listed with an effect value proportional to its
area of effect in which it could penetrate 22 mm of pressure hull. That, FYI,
is the thickness of German Type VII and IX submarine pressure hulls. In order
to be fair, every submarine gets armor = to its pressure hull. Just as every AS
weapon has an effect proportional to the area in which it is statistically likely
to breech a 22 mm pressure hull. This rewards subs with thicker pressure hulls,
and penalizes those with thinner ones, in direct to proportion to their actual
pressure hulls. Only a rationale of this sort can justify armor for unarmored
vessels. To give it to a single class is patently unreasonable and unfair.

wdolson -> RE: armored Fletchers???? (7/23/2019 7:30:34 AM)

This was brought up back in 2010:�

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