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SwampYankee68 -> Night Battles / Flares (7/20/2019 9:29:16 PM)

How will night fighting be represented? I'm wondering if things like trip flares, artillery, mortar, and gunship-dropped flares will show areas of changing visibility and then go dark when they burn out?

Crossroads -> RE: Night Battles / Flares (7/21/2019 6:51:47 AM)

Hello Swamp Thing,

Night fighting is done on a map where terrain is dark and visibility reduced. Firing a flare illuminates the hex it was fired at, and the surrounding hexes.

Here's a brief blog post from the time this feature was introduced in CS Middle East:

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Crossroads -> RE: Night Battles / Flares (7/21/2019 6:54:49 AM)

Looking at the blog post and the gallery screenshots again, they were taken with Fog of War turned OFF. Otherwise you'd not be able to see any the units around, just those in the radius that were illuminated.

(Except with the unit with night vision equipment in the case of the Middle East desert scenario. In Vietnam, jungle, foliage, what not, often makes the visibility just one hex anyhow).

SwampYankee68 -> RE: Night Battles / Flares (7/21/2019 5:28:16 PM)

Thanks very much. I believe they did something similar in Talonsoft's Rising Sun. Excellent, I'm very interested in this title!

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