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John T_MatrixForum -> Bug - Guerrilla Icon on submarine units and sea transport (7/19/2019 9:41:07 AM)

I rate this as a minor thing but at least it should be on the "known bug"/"dont try" list.

The weserubung senarios uses the Guerrilla Icon on submarine units,
it does make the unit harder to find as intended.
There is one inconvenience - Elmer loves to let the guerrilla unit attack coastal hexes.
- this is actually what you should expect from a guerrilla unit :)

But now I found a real bug with it.

After a couple of game turns the German sea transport functionality disappears
The Theater pane shows 0 used / 3700 available but the user interface dose not let you embark a unit on a ship.
One ( or more?)game turn earlier the used Sea transport value goes off toward infinity - at least very large numbers,
but I can still embark some units during that turn.

The Sea transport value is affected, in programmer lingo typical unsigned int value rolling over,
like subtracting one from and int variable with contents 0 creates a very big number.

This pops up while I play PO vs PO so I have not made a simple test, but it is reproducible, every time I run
my copy of Weserubung scenario.

The thing I seen is that a submarine-Guerrilla unit that are attacked sometimes switch into embarked status.

If you think this is easy peasy to fix, I can prepare a more definite test,
but otherwise I prefer development time spend on other naval developments - like a submarine flag in the nqp-file,
giving that unit the same "hard to find" capacity as todays Guerrilla Icon:)


Lobster -> RE: Bug - Guerrilla Icon on submarine units and sea transport (7/19/2019 1:48:55 PM)

If a scenario is using guerrillas as subs I would highly doubt the programmed opponent (PO) would be a reliable test as to how well it works and whether or not it is bugged. I would think only a head to head test could provide reliable results.

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