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Daimeow -> Question On Armored Infantry (7/16/2019 4:42:07 AM)

Is there a way for me to designate infantry orders for once they dismount? Say I'm advancing a column of APCs to a forest edge, having them unload the infantry, and I want the men to contact move straight away to scout the forest. Is this possible or do I have to wait for the men to disembark then order them and take the command delay?

exsonic01 -> RE: Question On Armored Infantry (7/16/2019 6:45:23 PM)

I'm also curious about this, since I also couldn't find the way to achieve this. Thing is, you cannot issue a command to infantry embarking in vehicles in this game.

What I'm doing is:
1) Unload command.
2) Wait for infantry disembark.
3) When they disembark and appear on the map, I select the platoon or company, and immediately issue defend command. This allows infantry AI to find the tile with better cover and concealment value in nearby tiles, move to there and take cover, heading towards enemy direction.
4) Then I later come back to change their SOP and issue movement orders to displace them to places I want.

But even with this method, I can't escape from some delay time.I wish if devs could find the way to pre-issue the move order for embarked infantry.

Also, if infantry ammo automatically replenishsed when they reembark their IFVs or APCs (only up to amount of allowable ammo inside APC or IFV), that would be great too.

Daimeow -> RE: Question On Armored Infantry (7/16/2019 9:09:27 PM)

That's about what I've been doing, but that defense bit is a great addition. I hadn't even thought of that, thanks for the idea! I hope they look into this as well, but I have no idea what sort of logic they'd have to make or how plausible it is.

Veitikka -> RE: Question On Armored Infantry (7/18/2019 8:46:43 AM)

Currently it's not possible to command the dismounted units separately, without detaching them from the vehicles. There has been discussion about different UI solutions to make it easier to command infantry after they've been unloaded, for example here:

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