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wga8888 -> My player survey (7/15/2019 4:33:20 AM)

1) Who actually plays this game?
2) Do you play vs Human opponent, AI, or both?
3) Do you play as IJN or USN?
4) Which Version of the game do you play: a)SSI, Matrix 3.2; Matrix 3.2 obc 1705; Matrix 3.2.15
5) Which side do you think is favored? This is a function of question 2 and 4.
6) bradk had asked what scenario you play, not repeated here.
7) about how many games have you played?
As for me
1) Bill Thomson <>
2) I only play vs Human as I find AI a poor opponent; human player can adopt any strategy, modify priorities mid game, and change tactics each turn. AI does not adapt.
3) I only play USN; I have a long history of playing the opposition of my local aggressive opponents decades ago who played Roman, Confederates, Central Powers, Axis Powers, German, IJN.
4) Played hot seat SSI in the 1980s, pbem Matrix in the 1990s, in my 8th+ Matrix obc 1705 series. I have not studied the scores of changes in 3.2.15 to form an opinion.
5) I believe the IJN is favored in PCW, Uncommon Valor, War in the Pacific, Admiral's Edition as a human player does not repeat IJN historical mistakes and makes use of the design advantages given (Allied player is stuck with historical production/reinforcements regardless if IJN is pursuing a non-historical path). Of PCW games completed I think I am 0-5-2; pbem campaign games are subject to opponent attrition for a variety of causes. Vs AI, AI is easily defeated rather quickly unless at a Very Hard/Impossible setting. My perspective is as a boardgame tournament level player with limited discretionary time.

bradk -> RE: My player survey (7/15/2019 8:51:36 PM)

1. Old guy.
2. Human only for years.
3. Either. Usually opponents choice.
4. 1705
5. The favored side is the one Zeke is playing!!! [:'(] Actually hard to say. Allies are supposed to win. So I suppose Allies are favored?
6. NA
7. Perhaps 30ish PBEM, 300 vs AI before I quit that.

Cuthalin -> RE: My player survey (7/18/2019 9:34:35 PM)

1) Middle age "I could do better than they did" guy.
2) AI
3) Start as IJN and switch once i feel it is a challenge for Allies to win. Or if i have conquered all but Conus.
4) Matrix 3.2
5) Fairly level on most aspects, but a win is heavily weighted against Japan, due to combat being the key factor.
Would be hard to allow for political and negotiatable aspects. I may have a different take on a Japan win than most.
6) Full Campaign only
7) No idea, got this originally on a 3 1/4 floppy !

bradk -> RE: My player survey (8/10/2019 8:50:42 PM)

"3) Start as IJN and switch once i feel it is a challenge for Allies to win. Or if i have conquered all but Conus. "

Sounds like you're ready for a human opponent.

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