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Rondor11 -> Book Thread (7/13/2019 7:24:47 PM)

Having finished Bart's amazing H-Hour I am seeking other great books or series that center around modern 2016+ naval warfare. Particularly from the USA perspective.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Gunner98 -> RE: Book Thread (7/13/2019 7:30:58 PM)

Don't forget Joel - he's got a huge stake in the book as well.

Have you read Ghost Fleet?

And there is a great Blog here:

Edit: Really like your tribute

Rondor11 -> RE: Book Thread (7/13/2019 7:32:43 PM)

Thanks, Gunner. It was easy to have your mom's signature faked and they just accepted you. That's what he did.

Coiler12 -> RE: Book Thread (7/13/2019 9:10:06 PM)

I have an entire blog with a lot of military book reviews. It's become more focused on thrillers in general, but there's still a lot of hardware-heavy stories covered there.

Rondor11 -> RE: Book Thread (7/14/2019 11:47:06 AM)

Awesome, Coiler12. Thank you!

Coiler12 -> RE: Book Thread (8/5/2019 1:31:26 PM)

For the first anniversary of my blog, I've posted a review of The Sum Of All Fears.

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