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Hoplite1963 -> Do we have a glut of “Giraf’s” ? (7/5/2019 12:35:50 PM)

As I have been on leave this week I have done some further work on the “Unit Viewer” / “Unit Handbook” picture files for Israel. I have now got over 100 game ready images and. working my way through the images (in the order they appear in the game’s “Unit Viewer”) have got as far as self propelled tank destroyers.

When doing the file for the Israeli “Giraf” (their name for the M150 TOW totting M113 variant) I found what looks like some unintended duplication here. For this unit type we have 4 variants. P229025 that is a 3 vehicle unit and P229026 that is a 2 vehicle one. We then have P229028 also a 3 vehicle unit, and P229029 which is a further 2 vehicle one.

Could the second pair of “Giraf” units be deleted from the game and the P229028 and P229029 slots freed up for any additional units of that class you might wish to add to the game at a later date?

More generally here would it not be better to have only one type of each unit but allow its strength in the scenario editor to be increased above as well as reduced below its original strength with an increase in strength points up to a maximum of 10 or 12 being permitted ?

This would make for a little bit more work on the part of scenario designers but would give you a bit more room for manoeuvre in the number of types of platoons you could have in a given class. I noticed that as long ago as January 2018 in the Campaign Series Legion blog post on the German Order of Battle for East Front II that the danger of Heer infantry running out of UID’s, even before we get to the 1942-1943 and 1944-1945 DLC’s being worked on, was already being flagged up.

Perhaps down the line if there was a way of adjusting normal/veteran/green unit status in the Scenario editor by adding “N” “V” & “G” buttons to go alongside the +1 & -1 ones instead of having to have separate duplicate normal, veteran & green variants of the same type of platoon unit this would give you more flexibility here ?


Jason Petho -> RE: Do we have a glut of “Giraf’s” ? (7/5/2019 2:28:22 PM)

In some cases, like the East Front Germans or Vietnam Americans, there are limited UID's based on the decision to create different branches so different units can have unique bases (Airborne/Army/Marines/Cavalry or Heer/Luftwaffe/SS/DAK).

For the Israeli's, it isn't an issue.

The additional SP's are generally added for OOB requirements over time.

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