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AmmoSgt -> 5.02 and unit prices /rairity (6/24/2001 4:33:00 AM)

some of these figures don't seem right to me..solicitating opinions from all and sundry... US OOB 025 M4A3 (76)W 160 pts rarity 1 Ger OOB 031 PzKpfwIVj 120 pts rarity 1 Ger OOB 032 PantherA 173 pts rarity 1 Ger OOB 033 PantherD 168 pts rarity 1 Ger OOB 037 Tiger I 169 pts rarity 1 Ger OOB 139 75mm FH 30 pts rarity 1 US OOB 116 75mmM1A1 34 pts rarity 1 US OOB 112 81mm Mortar (single mortar) 43pts rarity 0 Ger OOB 134 81mm Mortar Squad ( two mortars) 43 pts rarity 0 US OOB 124 155mm bat OB 4 tubes 25 rounds per tube 200 points rarity 2 Ger OOB 146 150mm bat OB 4 tubes 30 rounds per tube 200 points rarity 2 In addition to the above data i submit that I ran a purchase test on both US and German forces based on sept 44 ratings Ger 65 US 70 US forces pay OOB list cost as it should be ..BUT Germany at experience 65 base paid List OOB cost for elite units (+10 should make base purchase cost x {exper 75} = higher than list) at least as I Understand this .. The upshot of this that in a Meeting engagement based on equal point in Sept 44 between US and Germany, the Germans will have superior numbers and more arty and about equal numbers of Elite Tigers and Panthers or a numerical superiority in armor if PZkpfw IV's are purchased This not only distorts the actual situation on the ground it reverses it .. Balance is one thing..but making the basic nature of the Historical Balance unrecreatable is another... [ June 23, 2001: Message edited by: AmmoSgt ]

Paul Vebber -> (6/24/2001 4:44:00 AM)

For teh upteenth time, the prices are indicative of the units CAPABILITY IN THE GAME , Not A SINGLE HISTORICAL ISSUE. If you want historical accuracy, design a scenario- and use teh point scaling function to weight the sides as you like, if you want some small semblence of even handedness for a "point based game" then that is what the points are for. There is NO ATTEMPT at depicting anything historical in the point scores, simply "how does this unit rate based on its game data" If you want the US to have more stuff, give them more points - its easy! All tanks are rated using the same function that scores each OOB data point for its contribution to unit capabilty, they are added up and the highest one scaled to be 250. All others fall where they fall. Anybody who disagrees is welcome to make their own 40MB spreadsheet to calculate and cross reference these scores for every unit in the game. I am shifting this thread to the OOB forum. [ June 23, 2001: Message edited by: Paul Vebber ]

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