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MikeJ19 -> trouble finding saved games (7/3/2019 1:32:18 PM)

I saved a game and then went to re open it and could not find it...

Any help would be appreciated.


RoryAndersonWS -> RE: trouble finding saved games (7/3/2019 5:53:49 PM)

Hi, based on the presence of that Community directory in the Load scenario dialog and the lack of it in the folder it looks to me like you are looking in the wrong spot on your filesystem.

MikeJ19 -> RE: trouble finding saved games (7/4/2019 1:35:20 AM)


You are correct. After some more searching, I discovered where steam placed the CMANO files. I have been able to get the images back and can find where I was saving stuff. Thanks for the help!

Have a good day,

RoryAndersonWS -> RE: trouble finding saved games (7/4/2019 2:52:56 AM)


StellarRat -> RE: trouble finding saved games (7/8/2019 4:48:01 PM)

Just a suggestion for the devs: Could you please allow the user to configure the save directory for all games? Trying to find them is a pain, specially if you use Steam. It's not intuitive at all right now.

Dimitris -> RE: trouble finding saved games (7/8/2019 8:56:27 PM)

IIRC we do set the starting folder path to be the [CMANO]\Scenarios folder, but sometimes Windows decides to take matters in its own hands and instead starts off on [User]\Documents or even the top-level "My computer". It's occasionally been quite annoying for us as well.

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