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MikeJ19 -> RE: Russian Civil War - Phase 1, 2004 (9/18/2019 2:08:54 PM)


What did I do Right?

Learn, question and listen

I started this scenario as a chance to learn more about carrier operations. This was a great scenario for it. I was able to fly a lot of planes of the carrier over an extended period of time. This gave me the chance to try things out and to see how things work.

As the game progressed, I asked questions (on the forum) and got great answers that helped me understand things better, from the capabilities of planes and missiles to setting up missions and to better understand how the game lets me know when aircraft are out of weapons.

Mission planning

I tried a couple of different ways to get the missions to work the way I wanted. One of the best options was to move the mission area around. I used this a lot for the CAP missions off the coast letting my planes get closer to the coast to entice the rebels to engage.

I also tweaked the settings especially the investigate contacts option. This gave me more control over the engagements with the Rebels.

Time on Target

I got better over time with getting the strikes to arrive more closely in time and space. Now, this may be because I kept doing the same attacks over and over again, but I understand the mechanics much better now.

Adjusting my approach

Late the first night, I realized that I needed to start taking out the Rebel fighters. Attacking their flanks turned out to be a great approach. It allowed me to set up the conditions for success. I also started mixing up my mission packages putting F-14s and 18s into them. This gave me more attack range and led to better results.

Remembering the San Juan

It would have been easy to forget that I had a sub. I forgot that I had a carrier battle group in lots of ways. For a while my ASW coverage was way behind the carrier BG. As for the sub, I kept checking on it and used it to take out the container ship, the OSAs and finally to attack land targets with the Tomahawks.

What do I need to improve

My knowledge

I still do not really understand air and naval tactics. I have lots to learn.

I need to understand the capabilities of the armaments and the fighters!

Tracking weapon/armament status

I should not have been caught off guard when the Phoenix missiles ran short. I should have been tracking this.

Tracking my ships

As I said above, I really forgot that I had a carrier BG. I used their weapons, but otherwise let them be. If the Rebels had any anti-ship capabilities I would have been in trouble. Really, I need to remember to pause and review the entire battlespace at times to make sure that things are going well.

Final Thoughts

This was a very good scenario to learn things. Im so happy that I took the time to do this battle and to try out different things as I went along.

It gave me time to focus on the routine of running air missions without getting overwhelmed with other issues.
The help from the forum was also excellent.

Ancalagon451 -> RE: Russian Civil War - Phase 1, 2004 (9/18/2019 6:16:52 PM)

Thanks for the AAR, such elaborate ones are few and far in between.

Glad to have been of a little help, hope you'll keep enjoying the game.


Tester28 -> RE: Russian Civil War - Phase 1, 2004 (9/19/2019 3:48:45 AM)

I'm very glad someone went into this detail over such a length of time to do this AAR. The most valuable things for me were running head first into annoying game issues. For example, the different Bingo calculations when trying to stage your aircraft for a later mission by using a Support order. If we had a way to stage or park the aircraft prior to receiving their mission, that wouldn't need to be a problem. Additionally there was the SEAD Strike not working because the enemy's radars were all turned off, while a SEAD Patrol would have worked. Those sorts of issues are the worst, because they have to do with the user trying to figure out how the computer program works.

CaptBeefheart -> RE: Russian Civil War - Phase 1, 2004 (9/20/2019 4:38:33 AM)

Thanks a lot, Mike. I look forward to your next AAR. I've dabbled a bit in this game and this gives me encouragement to fire it up again.


MikeJ19 -> RE: Russian Civil War - Phase 1, 2004 (9/20/2019 11:29:37 AM)

Tester28 and CaptBeefheart,

Thanks for the comments. It was a fun battle, give it a try! I'm going to be kicking off phase 2 soon. Please ask questions and provide advice as I go!

Have a good day,


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