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daravena35 -> Urban damage (6/27/2019 8:08:27 PM)

I noticed something odd. The urban damage value changes if you save the game and reload it. This does not happen in other target types. Happens every time in any campaign of eagle day. After loading the saved game the value usually is reduced to 50% the oriiginal value and after open the campaign summary screen it raises but no to the the original value.

simovitch -> RE: Urban damage (6/27/2019 9:29:31 PM)

How old are the photos? If you are playing as Axis, you need to recon the target to get an accurate value otherwise it will random/ballpark. If the photos are less than 2 days old and you are still seeing a wide variation on the campaign summary let me know.

The values don't update right away is a quirk with the way the map initializes on startup.

EDIT: I checked this and
1. The reliability of the bomber recon even 1 day old is crap. You need a proper recon of the target to get a good, reliable assessment of the damage.
2. Verified that even a proper recon value will change after loading a save and that's a bug. The actual damage (that the British player sees) doesn't change, but what the Germans observe does. I'll see what we can do about this.

daravena35 -> RE: Urban damage (6/28/2019 7:09:16 PM)

Thank you very much for the response.

I made the following experiment.

1. Night bombing chapman junction.
2. Next day ju86 recon flight, reveal 100 damage.
3. Save the game in planning phase and exit.
4. Load the saved game and find the damage in 50.
5. Enter the campaign summary screen and return to main screen, the damage changed again to 75 value.

Also, i noticed knickebein, Y gerat and other navigation systems but nothing about it in the manual. This system are listed for historical reasons or have some modifier to pathfinding, bombing or navigation?

simovitch -> RE: Urban damage (6/30/2019 8:18:42 PM)

Those are the early war German radio beam navigation devices. They do improve low-vis navigation if they are fitted on the lead group.

Information for most of the other devices are found on my "pointers from the web" document. http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=2315172

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