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JoeMK -> NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/23/2019 12:33:40 AM)

I have started a new (short) scenario. My essential observations are stated on the attached map.


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/23/2019 12:38:24 AM)

The next attachment shows what NATO side and what WP side have, followed by further notes.


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/23/2019 12:40:51 AM)

There are five main routes to enter the town of Hameln, five routes to weaken defense by moving out defender’s forces. And in addition, there’s a bunch of possible ways how to move apartly and then to fight jointly.


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/23/2019 12:43:32 AM)

My decisions as shown on the attached map are based on the already annotated observations and in addition and substantially on the existing minefields from north to south-east and on the fortifications in the villages of Bessingen and Herkensen. Also, bear in mind, the mission’s statement: “Fight whatever delaying actions you need to”. It’s some kind of “forward defense”. Plaese see the details in the attachment.


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/23/2019 12:46:02 AM)

Bridge is blown up. Unfortunately a Marder vehicle opened the fire, engaged the enemy, and the following ten minutes were very deadly for the 11/66th PG platoon. Now the remaining twelve men have orders to withdraw as originally planned. This order is the only new one in this command phase.

Tank platoon 11/4th Pa will reach its first waypoint in one minute and will have there a halt of twenty minutes. It then will have better access to the upper minefield hexes with a lot of hostile vehicles.

Partly because the WP forces’ second starting position lies 3 to 4 km further to the north as assumed, the tank platoon 21/4th Pa will not get orders to reinforce the Herkensen location. Wait and see how things develop…

Evidently the major attack is carried from the north-east, mainly using N217 for tanks and parallel territory for APCs, latter attack column possibly to strengthen the tank companies on N217 nearby Hasperde village or farther south-west in the area of Groß Hilligsfeld village or after all to enforce access to Hameln from the south. About 2 tank and 2 APC companies in the north-east, about 2 APC companies in the east, and I mean to have seen some more red counters on the N217, but now disappeared in the “fog” of the Steinbach creek’s lower valley.

Average readiness dropped to 84% from 86% in the beginning.


CapnDarwin -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/23/2019 1:02:01 AM)

Nice AAR! Thanks for posting. [8D]

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/24/2019 9:34:10 AM)

The platoon 1/66th PG’s leader, is his performance to bring him to military court?

More reinforcements for the WP forces attack on the road.

The platoon 11/66th PG’s lonely fight.

The Platoon 11/4th Panzer’s missing direct-support fire.


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/24/2019 9:37:43 AM)

All further informations are on the map...

Edit: I changed attachment to version 2, have just sticked the textured hint „21/4th Panzer Bn platoon’s existing order Move – Deliberate is changed to the location hex 2411”.
Edit 2: I corrected one single word: attempt.


exsonic01 -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/24/2019 2:39:02 PM)

Great AAR, nicely summarized the flow of the game and your intention.

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/26/2019 12:54:40 AM)

0650 - The story so far


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/26/2019 2:20:48 PM)

0650 - New and changed orders

Edit: On the map I've just sticked a corrected textured hint regarding HiHQ's delay of 25 minutes for waypoint 1.


CapnDarwin -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (6/26/2019 5:16:43 PM)

Nice AAR. I like all of the added details in the screen shots.

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/1/2019 7:45:45 AM)

0708 -- Situation, new and changed commands


CapnDarwin -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/1/2019 12:20:27 PM)

Joe, do you have a game save for the turn where 1/66 bailed out of the city/fortifications into the open? I would like to run it and see why the AI decided to bail out and why to that hex.[X(]
Thanks. Great AAR too! [&o]

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/2/2019 8:55:54 AM)

Aye-aye, Cap'n! I mean I do have. One before starting the game's resolution phase and one when the phase has ended. Which one do you mean? By email?

CapnDarwin -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/2/2019 10:42:08 AM)

Before resolution. Email works or zip it and post it using the Post Reply button (assuming the size is small enough). Thanks.

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/3/2019 9:10:35 AM)

Here you go, Cap’n Darwin.
One note to my naming convention: ‘k’ is my surname’s first letter, ‘02’ is numbering the turn, and ‘a’ stands for starting the resolution; ‘b’ would be the end of resolution and before commanding.
In the heat of the moment I sometimes forget the correct numbering.
By the way, in German that ‘moment’ is more martial, it sounds as ‘combat’. [;)]


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/3/2019 9:16:00 AM)

A very fragmentary TOC Diary’s extract only,
humorless recorded,
but not every action,
anyway all taken-outs and important movements.


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/3/2019 9:18:31 AM)

0749 -- Situation and new or changed commands


CapnDarwin -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/3/2019 11:55:15 AM)

Thanks for the file. My week is crazy but I will see if we can give it look. Talking with ROb Monday night, the issue I suspect caused the odd scoot has been already been recode and fixed in the new game engine for Southern Storm.

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/3/2019 7:01:18 PM)

As a formal language’s code sometimes turns out to be the coming-to-life of logic, I like to accept also failing elite troops: maybe the platoon leader himself was killed, all the explosions of these anti-tank guided missiles, no clear thinking any more, and a wrong decision.

Apropos war and logic. In the last week I re-read a book from my younger days, a C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower novel. Fortunately it is easy to find the original passage in the internet:

“War was as unlike spherical trigonometry as anything could be, thought Hornblower, grinning at the inconsequence of his thoughts. Often one approached a problem in war without knowing what it was one wanted to achieve, to prove, or construct, and without even knowing fully what means were available for doing it. War was generally a matter of slipshod, makeshift, hit-or-miss extemporisation. Even if it were not murderous and wasteful it would still be no trade for a man who enjoyed logic.”

So have fun and enjoy. Life only happens once.

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/5/2019 9:43:33 PM)

0810 - Company of Leopard 2 tanks has arrived, new and changed orders


StuccoFresco -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/7/2019 1:11:07 PM)

Warsaw Pact's order cycle seems to be collapsing. Did you get their HQ?

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/7/2019 10:53:45 PM)

0828 hrs -- While reinforcements are on their hasty march...


JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/7/2019 10:58:21 PM)

Thank you. The game is pure excitement. And replaying a scenario, phase by phase, doesn’t reduce this great experience!

OK, it’s just my 13th scenario. And as it’s a short one I wonder how I could present a concentrate of either a bigger one or even a campaign. I will see, but it’s also a question of time...

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/7/2019 11:03:24 PM)

Not the HiHQ itself, but at 0810 hrs 10 from their 16 commanding units are, indeed, eliminated. These sixteen units are split into 12 normal headquarters, these ones with the flag, and 4 BTR-60PU vehicles. At least two, possibly three of the BTR-60PUs are gone at that time. Regarding the game’s scoring , the WP forces’ loss of starting commanding ability is either 58% or 67%; if counting heads and not VPs, the result would be either 65% or 60%.

Anyway, this surely effects their order cycle.

But, for me, there’s one uncertainty. As far as I can see, the tank battalion’s HQs aren’t equipped with formal commanding units. Each battalion HQ consists of also two tracked BMD-1P vehicles. Although furiously attacked, they are still in action...

exsonic01 -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/8/2019 2:01:29 AM)

What a nail-biting moment of waiting for the news of bridge collapse. I also remember, I had the same feelings when I first try this scenario. It was fight against time.
Thank you for very nicely detailed AAR, you make me to try this scenario again :)

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/9/2019 8:30:47 PM)

0849 hrs - Reinforcements partly installed, heavy fights, and new and changed orders


CapnDarwin -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/9/2019 10:11:35 PM)

Heavy action.[X(] Good luck!

JoeMK -> RE: NS_WGS The Pied Piper -- NATO (7/11/2019 7:27:22 PM)

0906 hrs - More heavy action, two normal orders and a “gamy” but justifiable order situation’s solution…


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