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Tamas -> Advanced Tactics Gold 2.28b is Available (6/18/2019 10:46:02 AM)

Hi Everyone,

Time for another beta patch to turn official!

You can grab it from the game's updater, from the Members Area or directly from THIS LINK

The list of changes:

Changelist from v2.27g to v2.28b 

-Switched from .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.5. This means this version of ATG is no longer supported on any XP platform. I think only 1% of users still uses XP they'll have to limit themselves to the 227g version which will be the end of the line for Windows XP users.
-Location Types can now get LandStack Points specified that limit the beneficial effect of Fortifications to a certain number of land unit Stack Points (or sea if in harbour they’ll be able to use as well). 
-If there are more Troops that the LandStack Points of a Fortification Location Type supports then the Troops that will be chosen to use it will be the ones with the highest Defensive Modifier given by the Landscape Type referenced in the Location Type. There will be no replacements of casualties manning the “forts” during combat. 
-Also Location Types that are damaged will provide less beneficial effects for their occupants in combat concerning combat modifiers, but also concerning extra minimum and maximum entrenchment. 
-Note the reduced entrench benefit rules do not take into account landStack Points, only structural damage done a Location. 
-The default LandCap for a Location Type is 0, which means there is no limit to number of individuals it will support in battle 
-The reduced entrenchment min/max effect of loctype is implemented for all running games as it was rather an omission it did not work like that yet. 
-Fixed the NATO counter selection window bug in the TOE Editor. It now support upto 2500 NATO counters instead of just 100. Also added Pagination support to the select window. 
-Added 2 extra slots to make layered NATO Counters 
-Added a Prefs setting to never gray-out Siluets / NATO Counters if unit has already moved/attacked, which will allow for better layering (and also provide players who don't like it to turn the transparency effects off) 
-SF inspection in older scenarios crash fixed. 
-Map Zoom by Mouse Wheel now supported 
-Fixed a detailed combat report line that falsely claimed a to high percentage chance that an individual would surrender 
-Removed some code that might have caused the Select Hex for Card Play popup to be positioned completely wrong in some scenarios. (Reported in GD’38) 
-ExecSFTypeStat and CheckSFTypeStat now also have access to UnitGroup and all Fuel stats including the modifiers (note for the fuel combat/move modifiers: the Check returns a modifier of 0.5 as 50, 1.0 as 100, and the Exec you need to pass 70 to for example set a modifier to 0.7) 
-Added CheckSFTypeCounter 
-Loaded Aircarrier units moving will stop making aircraft sound 
-Fixed a rather obscure issue with an Air Transport weight calculation glitch 
-Fixed a glitch where you could see the effect of your enemies naval supply blocks. It is now only possible if no FOW or if you are allied. 
-SFType Ratio glitch fixed

Vic -> RE: Advanced Tactics Gold 2.28b is Available (6/18/2019 10:58:54 AM)

For all Windows XP users,

You'll now be limited to playing ATG in v2.27g. Higher versions will probably not become available for you.

Please use the "AdvancedTacticsGold_227g_XP_Legacy.exe" application you'll find in the "Advanced Tactics Gold" directory.

Best wishes,

danlongman -> RE: Advanced Tactics Gold 2.28b is Available (6/18/2019 1:23:39 PM)

How about Steam users?

Vic -> RE: Advanced Tactics Gold 2.28b is Available (6/18/2019 8:53:09 PM)

Hi dan,

best wishes,

danlongman -> RE: Advanced Tactics Gold 2.28b is Available (6/18/2019 10:02:13 PM)

Hello Vic;
Thank you. I have 2000 or so computer games.
None has given me more hours of pleasure than ATG.
Thanks Again;
dan longman

mbar -> RE: Advanced Tactics Gold 2.28b is Available (7/10/2019 6:40:45 PM)


-Map Zoom by Mouse Wheel now supported

I reloaded ATG and found mouse wheel zoom as a nice surprise.

Thanks Vic! [sm=happy0005.gif]

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