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el cid again -> Asama Maru (6/16/2019 9:10:24 AM)

Ship slot 2786

Asama Maru

Should start the war at Saipan (location 462) where she had just offloaded troops.

Stock has her starting at Osaka.


Yaab -> RE: Asama Maru (6/16/2019 9:15:49 AM)

Haven't played RHS for a long time, wonder you have these ships in PH at scenario start? They are present in stock scen 001 and 100, but seems the ships were present not in PH on Dec 7, 1941 during the attack.

AV Wright,_1941

World War II, 1941
Wright departed Pearl Harbor on 20 November, bound for Wake Island, arrived at that advanced base on the 28th, and landed Comdr. "Spiv" Winfield S. Cunningham, who took command of the naval activities on the vulnerable isle, Major James "Jimmy" Patrick Sinnot Deveraux, USMC and Lt. Col Walter L.J. Bayler, USMC. Other passengers who went ashore from the seaplane tender included asphalt technicians, other construction workers, and other Marine Corps officers. The ship also delivered 63,000 gallons of gasoline to Wake's storage tanks before setting course for Midway. There, she delivered a cargo that included ammunition and disembarked passengers that included men reporting for duty at the NAS and with other Marine Corps ground units. Then, with military and civilian passengers embarked, Wright departed Midway on 4 December and headed for Pearl Harbor. While en route, she received the electrifying news that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December. Word of the attack arrived shortly after 0800 that day, and Wright cleared for action and manned her battle stations. Fortunately for her, she never crossed the path of the Japanese striking force. After reaching Pearl Harbor the day after the Japanese attack, Wright got underway on 19 December to transport 126 Marines of the 4th Defense Battalion, with their gear, to Midway. She returned to Pearl Harbor on the day after Christmas with 205 civilians embarked.

AK Alchiba

Alchiba was assigned to the Naval Transportation Service and sailed to Charleston, South Carolina, for shakedown training. She then carried out training exercises along the East Coast through early October and sailed — via Quonset Point, Rhode Island — for Halifax, Nova Scotia, to take on cargo and personnel for transportation to Iceland. She departed Halifax on 22 October in convoy HX 156 and reached Reykjavík, Iceland, on 30 November. The vessel discharged cargo there before sailing back to the United States. She reached New York City on 26 December, and was briefly drydocked there for repairs.

AG Aries

USS Aries, a 1881 ton (light) displacement freighter, was completed at Duluth, Minnesota, in August 1918 as S.S. Lake Geneva. She served as USS Lake Geneva (ID # 4215-B) from September 1918 to July 1919, carrying coal from the United Kingdom to France, then reverted to merchant service and operated on the Great Lakes as S.S. John J. O'Hagan from 1925 to 1941.
The other two, AG-37 and AG-38 (USS Matinicus), were ordered converted to cargo ships (AK 51 and AK-52) for the Naval Transportation Service and were renamed Aries and Gemini. Aries completed conversion to a cargo ship -- including installation of two pairs of kingposts to handle cargo -- at East Boston, Massachusetts, in May 19

AE Mauna Loa
USS Mauna Loa (AE-8) was laid down by Tampa Shipbuilding Co., Tampa, Fla., 10 December 1942; launched 14 April 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Robert E. Friend; and commissioned 27 October 1943, Comdr. George D. Martin in command. She is named after Mauna Loa, a large shield volcano on the Island of Hawaii.

xAP St. Mihiel

Then transferred to the Navy, she was commissioned as St. Mihiel (AP-32) on 22 July 1941, Comdr. Edward B. Rodgers in command.

Having operated as a transport between the west coast and Alaska, with occasional runs to Hawaii, prior to her transfer to the Navy, St. Mihiel performed the same duty after commissioning. Into 1943, she called regularly at ports on mainland Alaska and in the eastern Aleutians. In May 1943, she participated in the occupation of Attu; then resumed more routine transport duties.

Dili -> RE: Asama Maru (6/16/2019 3:11:37 PM)

I have found in scenario 001 several allied AK's and AE Mauna Loa (but there was an old xAK of same name in Pacific which is not in the game) that were not available in 1941-1942 but are in the scenario.

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