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ProdigyofMilitaryPride -> Steam Updates Behind Non-Steam? (6/15/2019 3:00:57 AM)

(Move this if needed, but without further ado)

With all the word on CMANO updates, I can't wrap my head around as to why the game on Steam hasn't kept up with the versions I see the forums. Could anyone tell me as to why? Thanks.

RoryAndersonWS -> RE: Steam Updates Behind Non-Steam? (6/15/2019 4:12:37 AM)

Doing a steam update takes time, sticking a few files in a zip is pretty much instant. Plus sending out a new global update on Friday is asking for trouble.

Eggstor -> RE: Steam Updates Behind Non-Steam? (6/15/2019 1:14:51 PM)

The zipped updates do work if unzipped over the Steam version.

To add to Rory's explanation, that's the same reason why the Matrix auto-updater is often behind the zipped forum hotfixes.

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