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wzfcns -> Shanghai-Nanking 1937 (6/13/2019 2:58:54 PM)

China x Japan
Complexity: 3.33 Map: 55x36
Dates: 8/13/1937-11/26/1937
Shanghai-Nanking 1937
Since the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 followed by the Japanese attack of Shanghai in 1932, there had been ongoing armed conflicts between China and Japan without an official declaration of war. These conflicts finally escalated in July 1937, when the Marco Polo Bridge Incident triggered the full invasion from Japan.[9] Dogged Chinese resistance at Shanghai was aimed at stalling the rapid Japanese advance, giving much needed time for the Chinese government to move vital industries to the interior, while at the same time attempting to bring sympathetic Western powers to China's side. During the fierce three-month battle, Chinese and Japanese troops fought in downtown Shanghai, in the outlying towns, and on the beaches of the Yangtze River and Hangzhou Bay, where the Japanese had made amphibious landings.

The Chinese soldiers had to rely primarily on small-caliber weapons in their defense of Shanghai, against an overwhelming Japanese onslaught of air, naval, and armored striking power.[10] In the end, Shanghai fell, and China lost a significant portion of its best troops, while also failing to elicit any international intervention. The resistance of Chinese forces, however, shocked the Japanese,[11][clarification needed] who had been indoctrinated with notions of cultural and martial superiority, and dramatically demoralized the Imperial Japanese Army.

The battle can be divided into three stages, and eventually involved nearly one million troops. The first stage lasted from August 13 to August 22, 1937, during which the NRA attempted to eradicate Japanese troop presence in downtown Shanghai. The second stage lasted from August 23 to October 26, 1937, during which the Japanese launched amphibious landings on the Jiangsu coast and the two armies fought a Stalingrad-type house-to-house battle, with the Japanese attempting to gain control of the city and the surrounding regions. The last stage, ranging from October 27 to the end of November 1937, involved the retreat of the Chinese army in the face of Japanese flanking maneuvers, and the ensuing combat on the road to China's capital, Nanjing.
NRA's Color mean different faction:

Blue:Chiang Kai-shek
Red on Blue:He Yingqin
Brown on Blue:Chen Cheng
White on Blue: Hu Zongnan

White on Green: Guangxi Faction
Black on Green: Sichuan Army
Blue on Light Blue:Guangdong Army
Green on Light Blue: Guizhou Army

Green on Brown: Northeast Army
White on light blue:Hunan Army
Brown on Black:Northwest Army
Black on Light Blue:Other Warlord

clearlove -> RE: Shanghai-Nanking 1937 (6/15/2019 4:16:34 PM)

ROC:Could you add some enginneer squrds to every division?

Alan Sharif -> RE: Shanghai-Nanking 1937 (6/15/2019 10:50:27 PM)

Thank you. I am really enjoying your scenarios.

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